Canadian Harvest

Canadian Harvest 2011 Markham Fair ThemeThe theme for the 2011 Markham Fair.

This year’s Fair theme comes right from the top so to speak. Rob Miller, the Markham Fair President for 2011, says he wanted to send a new message about agricultural awareness to the surrounding communities and the many Fair visitors, thus the theme – A Canadian Harvest.

Rob continues, “When you visit our American cousins’ fairs south of the border, you are greeted by red-white-and-blue flags everywhere.  We at Markham Fair want to borrow this idea and bought Canadian flags (a lot of Canadian flags). Fairgoers will see them flying all around the Fair”. 

Themes are normal fare for Ontario fairs and each year, many fairs use a theme to capture the purpose or historic nature of their fair in the community as well as to inspire the fairs’ volunteer workers.

Rob continues, “Because we are a fall Fair, we are reminded of Thanksgiving and the Harvest.  We are thankful for our Canadian farmers and food crops and grains which they harvest at this time of year. Also we expect fair visitors will pick up Canadian flags and carry them around the various exhibits. He adds with his typical good-natured grin, “It may be something like playing ‘Where’s Waldo’ on Markham Fairgrounds”.