Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

According to Phil he recalls that during the early sessions of the Fair Board’s new Planning Initiative, one of the important suggestions coming out of the commentary was the use of an annual theme to portray the Fair’s main purpose of providing an annual celebration of the importance of Agricultural in our community lives. With this in mind, last year’s President Rob Miller chose the theme “Canadian Harvest” to portray the agricultural link to the Fair’s timing; this year Sept. 27th, 28th,29th and 30th.

He feels that the Atlantic Canada theme includes considerable areas of agricultural, as well as fishing, (Harvests from the Sea). The theme also links Southern Ontario to Atlantic Canada. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are known for potatoes. One of the primary agricultural classes at Markham Fair is also potatoes, many of which are grown on the Norton farm in Uxbridge.

In passing, Mr. Redshaw notes the resemblance of the rolling hillside around Uxbridge, which also resembles areas around PEI and adds that the author of the perennial favourite “Anne of Green Gables” Lucy Maude Montgomery lived in her senior years in the Uxbridge area.

The President also emphasizes that Canada is a remarkable Country and we as Canadians need to constantly celebrate our good fortune in the life and the freedom we share here. The Atlantic

Maritime Scenery

Provinces are a major Region of our Country and the source of many of our early traditions in agriculture in Canada. With this in mind many Fair committees, including the Homecraft, School, Special Needs, Baking, and Photography sections of this year’s Fair will be depicting Atlantic Canada themes in a variety of classes. As well, many former Maritimers now live in the communities surrounding Markham Fair and it gives us an opportunity to invite these people to share in our Fair, its colour, pageantry and goodwill as we celebrate the Canadian mosaic together through our agricultural heritage.

President Phil also outlines another project under review in connection with this year’s theme: creating a “tag line”. He is working with a “think tank” which has already developed a few “where sea meets the land”, “come catch us at the Fair”, “Sea you at the Fair”, “Our Home meets Down Home”, “East coast hospitality at your doorstep”, “Bringing an Atlantic air to Markham Fair”, “Come enjoy a Maritime –“A” – Fair”. There is also a vision of Fair Crow standing beside a Maritime Lighthouse with the caption “Markham Fair your guiding light on Agriculture”.