Darren Little passes on the gavel to Doug van Wolde, 2018 President.  The Annual General Meeting was attended by 70 voting members.

Returning to the Board this year for a three year term are Gord Appleton, Michelle Hulshof, Kristen Miller and Doug Savage.  Also joining is new Board member Alana Tufford and retuning Past President Phil Redshaw.  Filling the position for a one year terms is returning Past President Rob Miller.

Returning to the Board for a one year Junior Director term are Sarah Dunlop, Mackenzie Harrington, Scott Redshaw, Kaitlin Francis, Mitchel King.  Joining us for the first time is Liz English also for the one year Junior position.

Congratulations to all the new and returning Board members!

Thanks to all the members who came out and thanks for paying for your membership renewal.  The online process was used by a significant number of you.

A special thanks to our Staff and Staff Support Committee for their work to ensure the evening went off without a hitch.  Thanks to Dave Rose for conducting the elections and to Rogers Gardham for delivering his message to the membership.