Each year we introduce a new theme which is used to celebrate our fair, provide marketing interest and give Exhibitors new section challenges.  The goal of the theme is to help define our celebration and provide something specific to rally around.  Ideally the theme is meant to express the look of the fair when people come to visit.

2018 Markham Fair Theme:  Old Days, New Ways

We’ll be celebrating our 174th Markham fair in 2018.  When we think about “Old Days”, we can think about how long we’ve been around as an Agricultural Society.  Canada recently marked a significant milestone; however Markham Fair was already in existence 23 years before the confederation of Canada.  The old days have paved the way for where we are today.  We are a society steeped in country traditions, rooted in agriculture with a long history of families who have been involved for much of the old days.  We’ve been a community gathering place which is attributed to our Volunteer dedication. We’ve had a great deal of successes over the years, and we hope to continue with some new ways.

The “New Ways” part of this theme refers to Information and Technology.  There is no way to deny that IT plays an important part in each of our lives, be it cell phones, the Internet of things and whatever else is new just around the corner.

We can use technology in new ways to solve problems.  Looking at the old days from a different point of view can help to make our future in a new way.

Themes are fun for Exhibitors to create their works of art.  There are many class categories in the nearly 50 sections of the Prize Book which contain the fair theme.  How will you incorporate the theme into your work of art or display?

Notes for Exhibitors:

There will be many Class categories with the theme “Old Days, New Ways”.  When you are thinking about your art, flowers, Christmas crafts, pastry, knitting, photography and more…  Think about how it was traditionally done.  Now think about it in a new way.  Is it relevant that your item be influenced by technology?  Or would it be more appropriate to create your item as they did in the old days?  Whether your work of art is created in a traditional style or in a new way, we hope you are excited to participate in the competitions.