Project Description

From HAND TO PLOW – Tool Time in Farm Rhyme

In HAND TO PLOUGH we discover how humans have moved from primitive farming by hand to the discovery of mechanisms that now allow our sophisticated machinery to yield acres and acres of crop that would have never been imaginable in the Stone Age.  All these great discoveries and the transitions through time will be danced in rhythm and spoken in rhyme, com-bining various arts mediums to present the fantastical development of farm machinery.


HAND TO PLOUGH will be performed several times each day in MOTUS O’s ROUND TENT.  This mixed media production may seem short in length, but it is long in content.

MOTUS O dance theatre began in 1990 in Stouffville, Ontario. Under the artistic direction of James Croker, Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen they have created over a hundred short dance/theatre works for both adults and children. MOTUS O has toured and taught throughout Canada, the South Seas, the USA and Great Britain performing for over 25,000 people annually and are recent winners of the 2016 TOURING ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD in British Columbia. MOTUS O has received numerous commissioning’s from such organizations as The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, The University of New Brunswick the Hannaford Street Silver Band and Port Dover Theatre. For the past 10 years the company has been Artist in Residence at the newly formed theatre in Stouffville, The Lebovic Centre for Arts & Entertainment – 19 on the Park. MOTUS O is known for their physical inventiveness, lighting quick action, grace, raw energy and humour – all trademarks of their unique style.

The Company

It is strange to think how a gymnast, a sheep shearer and a figure skater could have their paths meet and eventually become Co-Artistic Directors of a dance theatre company in Canada. Yet, as it turns out, that diversity has become the essence of MOTUS O. Where backgrounds and talents collide and then reform, creating a dynamic team that explores the dramatic and relishes the physical – and all with a touch of humour.

The Artistic Directors of MOTUS O, James Croker, Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen, have been trained in several artistic disciplines with decades of combined performing experience in both street theatre and stage. This diversity, coupled with their collaborative style of creating, enriches the production values and constantly surprises the viewer. Each production displays their unique ability to be involved in the whole creative process. They create the story, design and build costumes and props, choreograph, shoot and edit film and if that is not enough, they perform.

MOTUS O is Latin for “the method of movement”. In the Artistic Directors words ‘we want to know the meaning of every movement and to move as if it has meaning’.

Since their formation in 1990, MOTUS O has created twenty-five full-length productions for both family and adult audiences. The troupe continues to tour throughout North America, Europe and the South Seas, bringing with them their innovative and highly visual works to both small and large communities alike.

Come and check out the show all four days of the Markham Fair. Visit the Motus-O website to find out more about them.