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Activities During The Year: Phil Redshaw (905-642-4584), Myra Boag, Terry Boag, Carol Anne Cosburn, Kim Empringham, Laura Empringham, Rebecca Empringham, Lori Emmerson, Wendy Erskine, Kim Everson, Lynne Harrington, Wendy Harris, Bryant Hulshof, Lori Hulshof, Allison King, Amanda King, Chris King, Johanna King, Jason Lapp, Joyce Lapp, Brian Lee, Robert Little, Don Miller, Kristen Miller, Rob Miller, Karen Murphy, Tyler Murphy, Marion Norton, Julie Patterson-Sarmenta, Linda Patterson, Lisa Patterson, Tom Patterson, Blair Purcell, Paul Reesor, Phil Redshaw, Alexandra Smith, Teghan Seeley-Warr, Doug van Wolde.

Agricultural Exhibits: Kim Empringham (905-888-1235), Walter Rae (705-437-2341), Lorrie Bolender, Lynne Harrington, Wendy Harris, Brad Hulshof, Michelle Hulshof, Amanda King, Karen Murphy, Marion Norton, Terry O’Connor, Scott Paisley, Paul Reesor, Gavin Valentine, Doug van Wolde, Candice Ward.

Ambassadors: Gerri Seeley (905-642-3632), Mary-Lynn Seeley-Warr (905-557-3127), Heather Franzisi (905-476-7524), Lindsay Bantis, Ashley Beckett, Kelly Davis, Kim Empringham, Rebecca Empringham, Wendy Harris, Lori Hulshof, Kristen Korosec, Kathy Little, Natalie Little, Kristen Miller, Debbie McLeod, Bianca Mondino, Tracy Pearce, Kevin Pearce, Dennis Seeley, Shelby Seeley-Reesor, Cindy Schickedanz, Jaimie Vander Henne, Richard Warr, Doug van Wolde, Marie Winkel.

Baby Place: Anji Sharp (905-472-1854), Wendy Bell, Debbie Dixon, Sunni Dowds, Kemayla Fleming, Coreen Hegarty, Harmony Mackenzie, Jennifer Mackenzie, Michelle McCombe, Brycin Morrison, Leslie Morrison, Melanie Morrison, Tracy Pearce, Megan Pittman, Alystra Riddle, Lyaca Riddle, Kaitlyn Rutter, Austin Sharp, CJ Sharp, Dalen Sharp, Miranda Sharp, Amber-Lynn Schmucker, Joan Sharp, Jenna Tharani, Courtney Walker.

Entertainment-Contests: Cathy Lee (905-294-3179), Janice Lee (647-293-3632), Pamela Hollands, Bill Johnson, Johanna King, Chris Lee, Rick Lee, Karen Lorenzen, Kelly Nakamura, Marilyn Norton, Marion Norton, Anne Ream-Johnson, Kelly Winnitoy.

Fair Shop: Doug van Wolde (905-655-8179), Mary-Lynn Seeley-Warr (905-557-3127), Ashley Beckett, Christine Blizzard, Shannon Cartwright, Kelly Davis, Drew Fockler, Lizzy English, Wendy Erskine, Wendy Harris, Gail Laughlin, Kristen Miller, Bianca Mondino, Cindy Schickedanz, Jennifer Seeley, Alana Tufford, Sarah van Wolde, Michelle Wannop, Richard Warr.

Friday Night Show: John O’Brien (905-472-1382), Laura Lee O’Brien (905-472-1382) Cathy Lee (905-294-3179) Gerrie O’Brien Altepeter, Robert Altepeter, Josh Donadoe, Luanne Donahoe, Lizzy English, Joyce Lapp, Brian Lee, Kevin Hollands, Danny O’Brien, Maureen Owens, Todd Owens, Bill Snowball, Johanna Snowball, Doug van Wolde.

Horse Pull: Allin & Karen Lewis (905-985-3058), Scott Allen, Gord Appleton, Russ Brown, Rob Harrington, Andrew Hutchison, Bruce Johnson, Kaleigh Lewis, Mac Lewis, Reese Lewis, Dave Miller, James Moule, Emily Porter, Bob Reesor, Cindy Smith, Terry Smith.

Opening Ceremonies: Lesley English (905-475-5505), Pauline Davis, Robert Little, Don Miller, Linda Patterson, Doug Savage, Gerri Seeley.

Local Sponsorship Committee: Bill Lee (647-993-2009), Cameron Allan, Lynne Harrington, Michelle Hulshof, Elizabeth Lee, Jennifer Lee, Ben MacDonald, Candice Ward.

Special Attractions: Bryant Hulshof (905-852-3192), Cathy Lee (905-294-3179), Kevin Hollands (905-852-1119), Cameron Allan, Gord Appleton, Bryan Armstrong, Gillian Brown, Ray Brown, Wendy Brown, Heather Clarke, Gord Deacon, Lesley English, Leanne Gordon, Gisele Grover, Pamela Hollands, Stan Kerswill, Susan Kerswill, Carter King, Devin King, Heather King, Jan King, Mitchell King, Jason Lapp, Gail Laughlin, Brian Lee, Janice Lee, Darren Little, Robert Little, Todd Little, Janice Monk, Caroline Moor, Sylvia Murray, Blair Purcell, Jamie Redshaw, Doug Savage, Alana Tufford, Corey Tufford, Marilyn Tufford, Rick Wannop, Kelly Winnitoy.

Special Displays: Don Miller (905-640-3707), Cameron Amos, Millie Amos, Bill Brown, Mick Erskine, Jim Ferguson, Bill Fockler, David Fockler, Tom Goldring, Wayne Ham, Kevin Hamilton, Harland Horner, Brian Lewis, Gord Lewis, Harry Lewis, Reese Lewis, Murray Lewis, Barry Little, Robert MacAloney, Reginald Matthews, Murray Painter, Ashmore Reesor, George Reesor, Carol Smith, Don Smith, Lorne Smith, Brent Watson, Sherry Watson, Grant Wells, Don White, James White.

Tractor Pull: Blair White (905-294-0569), Gord Appleton, Jason Brown, Ray Brown, Scott Brown, Richard Dare, Dave Day, James Day, Clarence DeGeer, Bryan Gibson, Darryl Hamilton, David Hamilton, Kevin Holmes, Nicole Loignon, Robert Ramer, Catherine Tibbitts, Randy Tibbitts.

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