Administration Committees

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Administration: Blair Purcell (416-930-0090), Kelly Winnitoy (905-642-9309), Fred Crawford, Gord Deacon, Kim Empringham, Lynne Harrington, Kevin Hollands, Bryant Hulshof, Brian Lee, Don Miller, Rob Miller, Karen Murphy, Carrie Purcell, Phil Redshaw, Paul Reesor, Doug Savage, Dennis Seeley, Kelly Winnitoy.

Admissions & Passes: Paul Reesor (905-294-1485), Janie Armstrong (905-473-2262), Terry Boag (905-294-2577), Bob Alexander, Bryan Armstrong, Jess Armstrong, Emily Boag, Gord Deacon, Lori Hogg, Pamela Hollands, Trevor Hurley, Chris King, Jan King, Brian Lee, Brad Miller, Marilyn Miller, Christopher Reesor, Matthew Reesor, Jenny Smith, Stephen Smith, Marilyn Tufford.

Admissions & Passes Support Committee: Paul Reesor (905-294-1485), Janie Armstrong (905-473-2262), Terry Boag (905-294-2577), Laura Deacon, Natasha Deacon, Samantha Dunlop, Laura Empringham, Rebecca Empringham, Jack English, Brandon Harrington, Mackenzie Harrington, Eric Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Meghan Johnson, Jillian Neufeldt, David Paisley, Graham Smith, Mitchell Winkel, Monica Winkel.

Advertising/Promotion/Public Relations: Lynne Harrington (905-640-8352), Candice Ward (905-209-9921), Bryan Armstrong, Helen Cosburn, Brian Crozier, Amy Decorte, Luanne Donahoe, Rogers Gardham, Mackenzie Harrington, Michelle Hulshof, Amanda King, Cathy Lee, Janice Lee, Andrew Morrison, Karen Murphy, John O’Brien, Lisa Patterson, Holly Purcell, Blair Purcell, Jannette Risi, Kelly Winnitoy.

Archives: Myra Chepack (905-471-5485), T. Rogers Gardham, Betty Hoover, Gladys Keeble, Elizabeth Plashkes.

Awards: Dennis Seeley (905-642-3632), Ashley Beckett, Terry Boag, Lynne Harrington, Janice Lee, Barry Little, Don Miller, Carrie Purcell, Gerri Seeley, Mary Lynn Seeley-Warr, Marie Strath, Doug van Wolde, Carol White.

Buildings & Maintenance: Rob Miller (905-640-1080), Jason Lapp (647-567-9617), Cameron Allan, Gord Appleton, Mick Erskine, Kevin Hollands, Bryant Hulshof, Jason Lapp, Scott Paisley, Phil Redshaw.

Clean up & Gates: Brian Lee (905-294-3179), Dylan Armstrong (416-997-9696), Eldon Jones, Harold Stierhof.

Concessions: Kelly Winnitoy (905-642-9309), Doug Savage (905-936-6873), Cameron Allan, Ken Boadway, Bonnie Curr, Gord Deacon, Kevin Hollands, Bryant Hulshof, Eldon Jones, Brian Lee, Janice Lee, Darren Little, Robert Little, Todd Little, Scott Paisley, Rob Miller, Caroline Moor, Phil Redshaw, Ed Winnitoy.

Curriculum Guide: Michelle Hulshof (905-505-6095), Amanda King (905-591-1345) Nicole Aldcroft, Emily Boag, Kim Empringham, Lynne Harrington, Natalie Hulshof, Natalie Little, Karen Murphy, Tina Smith, Doug van Wolde, Candice Ward.

Directors Lunch: Wendy Harris (416-709-8517), Karen Murphy (905-888-6336), Kristen Miller (647-668-6778), Lorraine Beckett, Cindy Derynck, Kim Empringham, Wendy Erskine, Lynne Harrington, Margo Harris, Cathy Hawey, Lieke Hulshof, Michelle Hulshof, Natalie Hulshof, Thea Hulshof, Melissa LaDuca, Marilynn Lee, Aileen Little, Natalie Little, Amanda McDonald, Debbie Miller, Brian Murphy, Marg Murphy, Tyler Murphy, Alison O’Connor, Gloria Paisley, Wayne Parsons, Elaine Rennie, Debbie Risto, Jennifer Seeley, Candice Ward, Marie Winkel.

Emergency/Police Services: Dennis Seeley (905-642-3632), Scott Paisley (905-888-9474), Andrew Dunlop (905-591-5665), Gord Deacon, Kevin Hollands, Jan King, Brian Lee,Tyler Murphy, Rick Ryman, Doug Savage, Blair Seeley.

Executive: Lesley English (905-475-5505), Leanne Gordon, Bryant Hulshof, Todd Little, Phil Redshaw, Kelly Winnitoy.

Finance: Leanne Gordon (905-655-8449), Lesley English, Kim Empringham, Kevin Hollands, Jan King, Brian Lee, Barry Little, Robert Little, Don Miller, Blair Purcell, Carrie Purcell, Paul Reesor, Doug Savage, Marilyn Tufford, Doug Van Wolde.

Goodwill: Lynne Harrington (905-640-8352), Don Miller & Dee Miller (905-640-3707).

Governance: Lynne Harrington (905-640-8352), Blair Purcell (905-640-8595), Kim Empringham, Rogers Gardham, Leanne Gordon, Bryant Hulshof, Michelle Hulshof, Brian Lee, Todd Little, Barry Little, Rob Miller, Don Miller, Karen Murphy, Scott Paisley, Phil Redshaw, Paul Reesor, Dennis Seeley, Doug van Wolde, Candice Ward, Kelly Winnitoy.

Grounds & Landscape: Todd Little (905-862-3029), Bryant Hulshof, (905-852-3192), Gord Appleton, Ross Bartlett, Brett Cosburn, Gord Deacon, Jim Dickin, Mick Erskine, Kevin Hollands, Trevor Hurley, Morgan Jones, Mark Leadbetter, Darren Little, Robert Little, Rob Miller, Jamie Redshaw, Phil Redshaw, Rob Risto, Blair Seeley, Joe Speciale, Braydon Todd, Ross Todd, Kelly Winnitoy.

Information Booth: Marsha Lipsius (905-294-4461), Linda Ash, Tracey Barkey, Sam Barry, Ashley Barry, Arlene Beckett, Ashley Beckett, Donna Beckett, Lorraine Beckett, Emily Boag, Myra Boag, Ashley Brown, Wendy Brown, Adam Cooke, Pauline Davis, Carol DeGeer, Dianne Dunlop, Vicky Edgell, Laura Empringham, Wendy Erskine, Josue Hernandez, Jennifer Hoover, Debbie Howard, Lori Hulshof, Natalie Hulshof, Devon Johnson, Allison King, Amanda King, Chris King, Melissa LaDuca, Janice Lee, Ashley Mast, Michelle MacAloney, Catherine McArthur, Corey McCusker, Debbie Miller, Dee Miller, Marg Murphy, Nicole Murphy, Tyler Murphy, Ian Norris, Heidi Pashayan, Barb Patrick, Cindy Procyk, Andrea Chepack-Ross, Caralyn Shantz, Keeley Shantz, Cindy Smith, Diane Smith, Tina Smith, Doris Thomas, Jaimie Vander Henne, Kathryn Webber, Doris Williams, Karen Williams, Marie Winkel, Monica Winkel.

Livestock Director: Barry Little (905-294-1611), Doug Savage (905-936-6873).

Membership: Kelly Winnitoy (905-642-9309), Lynne Harrington (905-640-8352), Tom Farrar, Drew Fockler, Lynda Goodwin, Wendy Harris, Bryant Hulshof, Lori Hulshof, Jason Lapp, Marsha Lipsius, Karen Murphy, Tyler Murphy, Carrie Purcell, Phil Redshaw, Elaine Rennie, Doug Savage, Gerri Seeley, Doug van Wolde, Candice Ward.

Midway Contacts: Blair Seeley (905-642-0770), Kevin Hollands (905-852-1119).

Parking/Security: Blair Seeley (905-642-0770), Brett Cosburn (416-896-2359), Dylan Armstrong, Bill Burnett, Jeff Cooke, Jeremy Green, Bruce Hollands, Kevin Hollands, Pamela Hollands, Bryant Hulshof, Mitchell King, Brian Lee, Scott Paisley, Blake Purcell, Kevin Rydzik, Rick Ryman, Jennifer Seeley, David Schickedanz, Casey Todd, Jason Traitses, Candice Ward, Stephen Ward.

Personnel: Blair Purcell (416-930-0090), Kelly Winnitoy (905-642-9309), Terry Boag, Gord Deacon, Lesley English, Kim Empringham, Leanne Gordon, Lynne Harrington, Kevin Hollands, Bryant Hulshof, Chris King, Cathy Lee, Todd Little, Don Miller, Rob Miller, Karen Murphy, Phil Redshaw, Paul Reesor, Blair Seeley.

Photographers: Carol Anne Cosburn (905-294-0057), Jason Chow, Cathie Davies, Lori Emmerson, Don Hobson, Gilda Hurley, Kim O’Leary, Dana St. Louis, Austin Sharp, Shae-Lynn Seeley-Reesor, Doug van Wolde, Carol Ann White.

Prize Ribbons: Carol Ann White (905-471-3912), Pat Winnitoy (905-294-3706), Bonnie Curr, Ed Winnitoy.

Public Transport: Dennis Seeley (905-642-3632), Gord Deacon, Tyler Murphy, Scott Paisley.

Rentals (Tents/Trailers/P.A./Radios/etc.): Darren Little (416-709-2851), Kevin Hollands (905-852-1119), Brian Lee, Robert Little, Todd Little, Danny O’Brien, John O’Brien, Blair Seeley, Dennis Seeley.

Safety: Carrie Purcell (905-640-7077), Paul Reesor (905-294-1485), Todd Little, Blair Seeley, Dennis Seeley.

Sponsorship: Cathy Lee (905-294-3179), Blair Purcell (905-640-8595), Ray Brown, Kevin Hollands, Jan King, Brian Lee, Marilyn Tufford, Kelly Winnitoy.

Staff Support: Diane Ward (905-473-1633), Doug van Wolde (905-655-8179), Tyler Murphy (905-888-6336), Diane Abbott, Lorraine Beckett, Mariette Blouin-Johnson, Sandra Brown, Mary Copp, Carol Anne Cosburn, Ann Deacon, Kim Empringham, Lynne Harrington, Kim Hector, Marilyn Holt, Betty Hoover, Amanda King, Chris King, Jennifer Leblanc, Marilynn Lee, Ian Norris, Phyllis Owen, Esther Lewis, Stephanie Meehan, Betty Miller, Barb Morrison, Sonia Nissen, Laura-Lee O’Brien, Linda Patterson, Dianne Pemberton, James Rankin, Gerri Seeley, Pam Stierhof, Julia Topping, Eileen Thomas, Vivienne Tod, Susan Ward, Carol Ann White.

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