Agricultural Committees

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Beef Cattle: Sarah van Wolde (905-655-8179), Richard Warr (905-557-3127), Josh Donohoe, Luanne Donohoe, Shellie Poirier, Heidi Flowers, Teghan Seeley-Warr.

Commercial Displays: Isabel Risebrough (905-473-9723), Frank Hendy, Jack Warriner.

Dairy Cattle: Chris Reesor (905-294-1485), Cathie Davies, Kim Empringham, Bryant Hulshof, Paul Hulshof, Barry Little, Don Miller, Paul Reesor, Doug Savage.

Goats: Tanya Vickers (416-723-8921), Sheila Bicknell, Gillian Henry, Rob Vickers.

Grain/Small Seeds/Hay: Paul Hulshof (905-888-1093), Michael Anderson, Chris Anderson, Jennifer Fletcher, Brad Hulshof, Karen Lewis, Jack Warriner.

Heavy Horses: Blair Purcell (416-930-0090), Shannon Hughes (905-852-9501), Danny Bound, Brad Grant, Sarah Harper, Joyce Lapp, Don Miller, Sarah Mount.

Light Horses: Carrie Purcell (416-543-7388), Blair Purcell (416-930-0090), Holly Purcell (416-274-1897), Vanessa Beach, Barb Breckles, Trevi Brown, Joanne Cabrelli, Amanda Farrar, Betsy Farrar, Catherine Farrar, Marsha Fortus, Taylor Gordon, Alexis Hope, Scott Hopkins, Kim Hutchison, Mary Lapp, Kathy Little, Marcia Moore, Blake Purcell, Kathryn Purcell, Lionel Purcell, Mark Purcell, Rita Purcell, Donovan Rainbow, Paul Rainbow, Ros Rainbow, Julie Russell, Wendy Virtue.

Potatoes: Frank Hendy (905-649-5549), Mark Hendy, Rachel Hendy, Wanda Hendy, Stan Rowe, Harry Simpson.

Poultry & Small Livestock: Pete Kortis (905-478-2264), Meghan Kortis (905-478-2264), Mark Rennie (647-380-3160), Jen Cringan, Shelby Gibbons, Lynda Goodwin, Barb Hoover, Lisa Kortis, James MacWilliam, Rob MacWilliam, Christine Mowder, Steve Mowder, Alison Pitman, Kristina Rennie, Rob Rennie, Scott Rennie, Debbie Slater, Sean Slater, Kay Thompson.

Roots & Vegetables: Isabel Risebrough (905-473-9723), Ethel Wilson (905-862-3322), Marian Hann, Murray Norton, Janice Rich, Phyllis Rich, Vicki Risebrough, Jim Tindall, Andrew Wannop.

Sheep: Doug Savage (905-936-6873), Ruth Brock (905-887-0145), Brian Atkinson, Murray Emke, Bryant Hulshof, Barry Little, Lloyd Skinner, Eileen Thomas, Diane Ward.

4-H Club: Michelle Hulshof (905-505-6095), Ashley Beckett (905-476-2193), Arlene Beckett, Andrea Chepack-Ross, Dianne Dunlop, Kim Empringham, Lynne Harrington, Cathy Hawey, Lori Hulshof, Lieke Hulshof, Natalie Hulshof, Karen Murphy, Alison O’Connor, Marie Winkel.

4-H Club (Special Displays): Doug Savage (905-936-6873), Chris Reesor (905-294-1485), Brad Hulshof (905-888-1093), Ruth Brock, Kim Empringham, Judy Francis, Kaitlin Francis, Laurel Francis, Charlotte Frisby, Michelle Hulshof, Barry Little, Rob Miller, Caroline Moor, Karen Murphy, Scott Paisley, Phil Redshaw, Paul Reesor.

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