Directors and Officers

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Markham & East York Agricultural Society

Directors and Officers

Past President Doug van Wolde
President For 2019 Michelle Hulshof
1st Vice President Amanda King
2nd Vice President Brad Hulshof
Finance Chair Leanne Tummon
General Manager Todd Silverman
3 Year Term Annika Bolender
3 Year Term Ray Brown
3 Year Term Wendy Harris
3 Year Term Brad Hulshof
3 Year Term Amanda King
3 Year Term Leanne Tummon
2 Year Term Gord Appleton
2 Year Term Michelle Hulshof
2 Year Term Kristen Miller
2 Year Term Phil Redshaw
2 Year Term Doug Savage
2 Year Term Alana Tufford
1 Year Term Cameron Allan
1 Year Term Dylan Armstrong
1 Year Term Andrew Dunlop
1 Year Term Chris Reesor
1 Year Term Tina Smith
1 Year Term Corey Tufford
Junior Director Sarah Dunlop
Junior Director Liz English
Junior Director Kaitlin Francis
Junior Director Brandon Harrington
Junior Director Devin King
Junior Director Scott Redshaw


Homecraft Officers

Past President Heather Kennedy
President for 2019 Judi Francis
1st Vice-President Hope Boyuk
2nd Vice-President Heather McKeown
Secretary Deanna Cheriton

Ambassador Team

 Ambassador 2018 Sarah Mast


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Markham Fair Prize Books – It’s that simple to Enter!

Look for a Section from the Prize Books. Pick the Section and best class that matches your entry. Fill out the appropriate Entry Form. Be sure to read the General Rules and Regulations. Bring the form into the Markham Fair Office on or before September 13, 2018, 8PM, with the appropriate entry

Rental Facilities

Markham Fair Grounds, located in York Region, can accommodate a variety of functions and gatherings. We are the host location for large trade and consumer shows as well as corporate celebrations, concerts, banquets and other special events.