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Chairman: Mark Hendy (416-996-4098),

Before entering this Section, please refer to the General Rules, Crop And Vegetable Rules, as well as the following:

Please note: Exhibits are to be placed in the General Exhibits Building on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 between 12 noon – 8:30 p.m.

* Entry Forms Accepted From Monday, May 27th, 2019 to
Thursday, September 19th, 2019
* No Entries will be accepted after 8:00p.m.
September 19th, 2019 *Will be strictly enforced.*

Additional Rules:

  1. Exhibits in Classes #1-6 must consist of 20 tubers and in Classes #7-10 must have 5 potatoes.
  2. Trays will be provided for the potatoes.
  3. Potatoes should weigh between 7-8oz. each.
  4. All potato varieties must be properly named.

Note: Factors such as quality, arrangement, attractiveness and consumer appeal to be considered when making awards.

  1. Classes #7-10: Potatoes shown in these Classes must have been grown in a home garden. Families showing in Classes #1-6 are not eligible to show in Classes #7-10. This award is in recondition of the home gardener and is meant to inspire self sufficiency. All entries must come from home gardens, meant for personal consumption only and not for sale or profit. Out of fairness and the spirit of this award, the $50.00 championship prize may only be award to the same family once every 3 calendar years.

Prize Money Classes #1-6:

1st – $15.00; 2nd – $12.00; 3rd – $10.00; 4th – $8.00;
5th – $6.00

  1. White Variety Properly Named
  2. Potatoes, Kennebec
  3. Potatoes, Rose or Red, properly named
  4. Potatoes, Netted Gem or other Netted variety, properly named
  5. Potatoes, any other Variety Properly Named
  6. Potatoes, Yukon Gold or any other yellow variety

Awards: Special Prize and Champion Rosette – Grand Champion Exhibit of 20 Tubers

Prize Money Classes #7-10:

1st – $7.00; 2nd – $5.00; 3rd – $4.00; 4th – $3.00;
5th – $2.00; 6th – $1.00

  1. White, 5 potatoes
  2. Rose or Red, 5 potatoes.
  3. Yellow 5 potatoes.
  4. Netted or Rough Skin, 5 potatoes.

AWARD: Champion Rosette

Prize Money Class #11:

1st – $10.00; 2nd – $6.00; 3rd – $5.00; 4th – $4.00;
5th – $3.00; 6th – $2.00

  1. Largest potato by weight.

Awards: Sponsor – Laura Feasby – Hendy Memorial – Back Yard Gardener Potato Champion – Prize : $50.00

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