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Light Ducks Only

Before entering this Section, please refer to the General Rules & Regulations as well as the Poultry and Small Livestock Additional Rules.

Prize Money – Classes #500-527:

1st – $6.00; 2nd – $5.00; 3rd – $4.00
Note: An exhibitor may enter two (2) exhibits in each of the following:

Classes: Cock Hen Cockerel Pullet
Grey Call 500 501 502 503
White Call 504 505 506 507
A.O.C. Call 508 509 510 511
Mandarin AC 512 513 514 515
Black East Indie 516 517 518 519
Indian Runner White 520 521 522 523
Indian Runner A.O.C. 524 525 526 527


Robert H. Thompson – Trophy – Champion Standard Clean Leg Poultry

Fred Binder – Trophy – Res. Champion Standard Clean Leg Poultry.

Roy Crosby – Trophy – Champion Standard Feather Leg Poultry

Frank Green – Trophy – Res. Champion Standard Feather Leg Poultry

Phil Johnston – Trophy – Champion Bantam Clean leg Poultry

Sid Rapley – Trophy – Res. Champion Bantam Clean Leg Poultry

Jim Travis – Trophy – Champion Bantam Feather Leg

Adolpho Bianchi – Res. Champion Bantam Feather Leg Poultry

James McPhail – Trophy – Champion Water Fowl

Bill Shrum – Trophy – Res. Champion Water Fowl

Thompson and Kortis – Trophy (Perpetual) – To be awarded to the overall grand champion poultry, standard or bantam. The winner will have his or her name engraved on the trophy and will receive a bag of feed.

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