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Chairpersons: Karen & Allin Lewis (905-862-8286)

Pull to be Saturday, October 5th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Please note: Scales will close at 6:00 p.m. sharp. No one other than teamsters and helpers will be allowed in the Pull area.

Rules: Markham Fair is a member of the C.C.H.P.A. and their official rules will be applied to this Show. A copy of the

Rules will be available at the Fair office and shown below.

Central Canadian Horse Pulling Association
Rules for 2019

1. A. At the CCHPA Fair Board Pulls the
Owners and Teamsters must be participating members of the CCHPA and in good standing.

B. All teamsters/owners shall have proof of current liability insurance for “horse pulling” in the amount of $2,000,000.00; and must sign the Insurance Waiver
Liability form in order to compete at a CCHPA sanctioned pull.

C. All judges must be sanctioned by the CCHPA. In the event there is NO sanctioned judge at a pull the members in attendance may select a person and temporarily sanction him/her for that contest only.

2. No team is to be left unattended in the course area.

3. A horse is allowed to pull in one (1) class only per competition.

4. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the course area and no teamster, helper or official will participate under the influence at any pull.

5. The length of the course shall be determined by the pull sponsor (i.e. The Fair Board).

6. The sidelines shall be twenty (20) feet apart

7. Each team shall be allowed two (2) attempts to pull the load fifteen (15) feet. Upon entering the pull area the Teamster shall have two (2) minutes to hitch his/her team and four (4) minutes to complete two (2) attempts.

8. Teamsters will have the option of passing on the first load ONLY. If a teamster chooses to withdraw his team from the competition, he must do so prior to the first team pulling in the next round. Failure to do so will result in a last place finish for that team.

9. Teamsters will draw for their order of pulling prior to the beginning of the competition.

10. There shall be only one (1) teamster. Each team shall have at least one (1) helper and not more than two (2) helpers in the pulling area. If required a teamster may be replaced due to injury or illness, it MUST be reported to the judge and approved by the judge prior to the change. In case of an emergency one (1) of the helpers may assist the teamster.

11. The horses, while pulling or hitched to the boat must stay within the lines of the course, or they will be disqualified from that try only. If the stone boat is within 36 inches from the line, the next contestant can request to have the boat centered.

12. The stone boat shall be pulled in the same
direction for all teams; however, the stone boat may be pulled in both directions for the first two (2) rounds.

13. Any teamster who climbs onto the stone boat while the horses are hitched to the stone boat must stay on for the duration of that try only.

14. The teamster and helpers must stay behind the doubletrees and have no interference from the helpers.

15. If a teamster is trying to hold his team, any distance less than six (6) inches will be considered a “chuck,” this distance will be discounted.

16. Once a team enters the pulling area, with blinders on or without, they must stay that way for the duration of that event. Adjustments to the blinders, during a pull are not allowed.

17. If there is a break in the harness or equipment, the judge will determine if the teamster is allowed a five (5) minute allowance to fix the break or be moved to the end of the class. The teamster has the option of keeping the distance gained on the pull in which the break occurred.

18. Slashing the Team with lines, use of prods, tasers or any electronic stimulating devise, use of profane language at a pull is strictly prohibited. The teamster will be disqualified if found guilty and may be subject to further discipline.

19. If any team becomes unmanageable or difficult to handle and becomes a perceived danger to the public,
animals or competitors the judge or Fair Pull Committee shall disqualify the team from the contest and Rule 22 may apply.

20. Horses or driver may be disqualified at any time by the judge, either for the violation of one or more of the rules, or because the contesting teams condition is such as to render it cruel or inadvisable to permit the horses to proceed.

20A. In the case of a tie, the boat will be pulled back to the starting line and each team will make one pull on the tying load, with the furthest distance taking the higher placing.

21. The decision of the judge is final. Failure to comply promptly with the judge shall result in immediate
disqualification of the contestant.

Revised March 13, 2016

22. Drug Testing: all horses are subject to drug testing and CCHPA will follow ‘the Pari-Mutual Agency schedule of drugs’ with Zero tolerance for Caffeine. Testing is to be done by a licensed veterinarian. Horses selected for drug testing shall be taken to the Drug Testing Area immediately. The veterinarian will extract a blood sample from a horse of the selected team. The test results will show either positive or negative for the team selected.

Teamsters who have had their team selected for drug
testing shall co-operate fully with the veterinarian
conducting the drug testing.

If someone attending the CCHPA pull(s) wants a suspicious Team tested and is willing to pay $ 500.00 cash to any of the CCHPA Directors a receipt will be given. The Director will attempt to retain a veterinarian and the CCHPA drug testing procedure will apply. If there is a Positive Test result then the $500.00 will be reimbursed to said person. The teamster will pay the cost of the test.

A refusal to comply with any of the above shall constitute a Positive test.

In the event of a Positive Test, the following CCHPA
penalties shall apply:

A. Teamster to forfeit placing and prize money and pay all costs incurred for the test. The prize money is to be paid to CCHPA until the test is deemed negative.

B. If the team tests positive, the Teamster’s prize money shall go to the CCHPA.

C. The teamster’s name and the team of horses’ names are to be published in the CCHPA newsletter for a period of one (1) year from the date of the test results.

D. A letter will be sent to all Fair Boards advising them of the positive test.

E. Any voting member of the CCHPA, if found guilty, will lose their voting privileges in the club for one (1) year.

F. FIRST OFFENCES shall result in a fine of $ 500.00 plus a suspension from participating in fifteen (15)
consecutive CCHPA pulls.

SECOND OFFENCES shall result in a fine of $ 1,000.00 plus a suspension of one (1) year.

THIRD OFFENCES shall result in a fine of $ 2,000.00 plus a suspension of two (2) consecutive years.

G. For administrative purposes each individual
director shall randomly select pulls from which he/she may call a drug test. If a director wishes to call a drug test at any other pull he/she may do so under rule # 22.

23. Run-Away Team: In the event of a run-away, that team will be placed last and will forfeit their prize money. The team should be impounded and tested, with the
owners paying all costs incurred. The team will also be suspended from further competitions until their drug test results are received. A panel consisting of the Board of
Directors and possibly a Fair Board member shall meet within a two (2) week period and decide if the incident warrants further action.

23.1 in the event that an allegation is made that a participating member in good standing has violated the Rules or the Constitution By-Laws of the CCHPA, the Board of Directors shall:

(a)Investigate the alleged violation

(b)Allow the accused member to attend a hearing to
present their case

(c)Determine whether or not such allegation has any merit, is valid

23.2 Following their deliberation, the Board of Directors may dismiss the allegation or implement the penalties outlined in Rule # 22.

24. To determine a “Light Class Team” apply the
following Weight Rules:

A. Total weight of the team must not exceed 3,400 pounds including a halter at a CCHPA, EODHPA, or
OVHDA Association pull once a weekend (i.e. Friday to Monday). The OBHA spring pull will be a 3500 lbs class.

B. The horses in the team must be brought to the scales at the same time. A loose shank is to be used. All contestants will be provided with a ticket showing date, name of pull site, names and weights of the horses in the team and signature of the person weighing the horses.

C. The scales are to be at the Fair set up and ready for weighing a minimum of two (2) hours, with a maximum of four (4) hours prior to the advertised pull time.

D. Scales will be closed ½ hour prior to the
advertised pull; any entries who have not weighed in at that time will have to pull their team in the Heavy Class division.

E. A team weighs in at the first pull of a weekend must enter and pull at that pull. A violation of the rule will result in immediate invalidation of the weigh ticket and must weigh in at the next attended pull. Exceptions to this rule will be if the pull is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances after teams have weighed in.

If there are no scales or if they are late a weigh slip will be given for the weekend to the light weight teams.


Prize Money – Classes #1 & 2:

1st – $400.00; 2nd – 350.00; 3rd – $300.00; 4th – 250.00;
5th – $200.00

Each additional entry will receive $150 towards expenses.


  1. Light Weight Pull – Team whose combined girth does not exceed 165” and weighs less than 3300 lbs.
  2. Heavy Weight Pull – Team whose combined girth
    exceeds 165” and weighs more than 3300 lbs.
  3. Best Turnout – Heavy Team. Team, Teamster & Helpers to be taken into consideration.
  4. Best Turnout – Light Team. Team, Teamster & Helpers to be taken into consideration.

Horse Pull Award Sponsors: T.B.A.