Ambassador Contest Past Winners

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Past Winners

2017 Laura Empringham Rachel Moore Olivia Bolender  
2016 Teghan Warr Victoria Krol-Tota    
2015 Ashley De Angelis Caitlin Wagg Caitlin Wagg  
2014 Cassie Ferguson Teghan Warr Bethany Henshall  
2013 Kaitlin Francis Bethany Henshall Sarah Dunlop  
2012 Alana Tufford Victoria Osadchuk-Hammond Jennifer Lee  
2011 Christine Blizzard Leslie Cosburn Emily Johnson  
2010 Kristen Miller Victoria Campbell Christine Blizzard Leslie Morrison
2009 Natasha Deacon Sonia Mondino Laura Wannop  
2008 Sarah Mount Kelly Davis Andrea Pohlmann  
2007 Cindy Schickedanz Anika Bolender Victoria Sider  
2006 Gerrie O’brien Wendy Harris Bianca Mondino  
2005 Ashley Mast Victoria Sider Shannon Kerr  
2004 Andrew Fockler Holly Norris Amanda Davison  
2003 Katie Forfar Nicole Kelly Lindsay Sherban  
2002 Alysha Ladha Kasey Bayne Shannon Cartwright  
2001 Darla Kennedy Natalie Hulshof Andrea Chepack  
2000 Theresa Spagnolo Michelle Miller Jaimie VanderHenne  
1999 Angie Pugh Sarah Lewis Sarah Giles Ullanda Niel
1998 Leia Ince-Mercer Julie Gribbon Sarah Doutsas Laura Mills
1997 Lori Howard Stephanie Barbour Amanda McDonald  
1996 Heidi Wilson Rachel Lewis Jennifer Kelly  
1995 Kathy Downes Allison Jeapes Rachel Lewis  
1994 Andrea Hurley Sarah Armstrong Michelle MacAloney  
1993 Lee-Anne Barton Mary-Lynn Seeley Julia Johnstone  
1992 Sarah Meharg Karen Paisley    
1991 Jennifer Montgomery Caralyn Woodhouse    
1990 Lynne Beckett Tracy Morrison  Tracey Emery  
1989 Marlene Brown      
1988 Laina Oad      
1987 Wendy Ford      
1986 Lori Thompson      
1985 Marie Beckett      
1984 Cathy O’connor      
1983 Darlene Murray Kelly Winnitoy Rose Garlatti  
1982 Debbie Fish      
1981 Carrie Purcell      
1980 Sue Fields      
1979 Marilyn Ilott      
1978 Cathy Case      
1977 Diane Reid      
1976 Karen Hughes      
1975 Debbie Byrnes      
1974 Cathy Michaud      
1973 Martha Mulholland  Jane Yusko  Sylvia deJong  
1954 Joanne Robb Sharon Law    



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