The following rules and regulations apply to all sections in this Prize Book. Additional rules and regulations applicable to a specific section or group of sections are noted as required elsewhere in this book.

Violation Of Rules

Any exhibitor who violates any of the following rules or any rules printed in any of the sections of the Prize Book shall be liable, upon the decision of the Executive Committee, to the forfeiture of any and all prizes, prize money and awards which may have been awarded to the exhibitor as well as any entry fees that may have been paid, whether for any entry shown before or after such violation and such exhibitor may be barred from showing at the Markham Fair for such period as the Executive may determine.


All exhibits shall be under the control and direction of the Society but solely at the risk of the exhibitor. The Society will not be responsible for damage, injury, loss or theft of any exhibit, regardless of the cause of such damage, injury or theft. Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any article exhibited by him/her and shall indemnify the Society against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto.


Markham Fair Committee Members will be photographing various events during Markham Fair. The images captured may be used by Markham Fair for record keeping, advertising and promotion of Markham Fair. By entering a competition at Markham Fair, you consent to the use of your photograph solely by Markham Fair.

Closing Date For Entry Forms

The closing date for entry forms is September 19th, 2019 by 8:00 p.m. except where otherwise noted for a specific Section. This date will be strictly enforced. Entry forms will only be accepted in the office May 27th, 2019 – September 19th, 2019.

Making Entries

All entries must be made on official entry forms and in accordance with instructions on same, or in the Prize Book, giving all information requested. Each exhibitor must have his/her own entry form. If additional forms are required, they may be downloaded from the Markham Fair website at or obtained from the Markham Fair Office. Each entry form must be signed by the exhibitor and forwarded to the Markham Fair Office (unless otherwise stated) so as to be received on or by September 19th 2019, 8:00 p.m. (Entry tags should be ready for pickup by the following Thursday). After September 19th 2019, no additional entries or changes to entries can be accepted.

Exhibitor Entry Fee

All exhibitors are required to pay a $5.00 exhibitor fee. All exhibitors will pay 25 cents per entry (unless otherwise stated). This money must accompany your entry form. Please make cheques payable to Markham Fair. Visa, MasterCard accepted for $10.00 or more.

NOTE: All entry fees are returned as prize money.

Payment Of Prize Money

Prize money will be paid by cheque and mailed within 60 days after the close of the Markham Fair. No payment of prize money will be made at Fair time.

Applying For Prize Money

Exhibitors who do not receive their prize money by December 1st, 2019 should apply in writing to the Secretary Treasurer, Markham Fair Office, on or before December 10th, 2019.

Erroneous Entries

The Society reserves the right to refuse any entry fee paid without being liable for compensation. If an exhibit has been entered in an improper Class of a Section, the Committee Chairperson may transfer the exhibit to the proper Class previous to judging.


Any exhibitor lodging a protest must make it in writing. This protest must be received by the Markham Fair Office before 6:00 p.m. on the date in which the entry concerned was shown, or no later than the last day of the Fair. It must be accompanied by a deposit of $5.00 which will be forfeited to the Society if the said protest is not sustained. (The deposit will be $25.00 for all horse, cattle, sheep and goat Sections.)

Arrival Of Exhibits

All exhibits must be in place, with all non-relevant material cleared away, at the times stated for that particular Section or group of Sections. These exhibits must remain in place until the time authorized for their removal. Any violation of this rule will cause forfeiture of all premiums earned by the exhibitor. Late arrivals will not be permitted to take part in the competition.

Offensive Or Dangerous Exhibits

Under no circumstances will an article, which is offensive by reason of odour or appearance or which is dangerous by reason of combustible or explosive character, be accepted or admitted.


Committee Chairpersons are responsible for making sure that their Judges are familiar with all Rules and Regulations pertaining to Markham Fair in general and to their Section in particular.

Unworthy Exhibits

Judges must not award prizes to unworthy exhibits. It is the intention of the Markham Fair to give no distinction or premium of any kind to an article that is not deserving of such awards.


In the absence of any competition in a Class for reason of number of exhibits or inferior quality, the Judge will exercise his/her discretion as to whether a 1st, 2nd or any premium will be awarded. No ties will be allowed.

Decision Of Judges/Committee

No exhibitor shall interfere with the judges, Committee Members or judging process in any way, nor shall said exhibitor permit any agent or anyone working on his behalf to show disrespect to any Judge. The decision of the Judge shall be final in all cases, except where fraud, misrepresentation or collusion is proven. In such cases, the Executive Committee shall make the final decision.

Exhibitor Passes

Two passes per exhibitor will only be available at the same time that exhibits are brought in to the appropriate building location. A committee member will stamp the stub of the entry tag which the exhibitor will then take to the main Office in order to retrieve the passes.

Prize Ribbons

Prize ribbons shall be awarded accordingly: 1st – red,
2nd – blue, 3rd – white, 4th – yellow, 5th – green, 6th – pink.


In the event of bad weather, with a consequent loss in gate receipts, the Society reserves the right to pay a percentage of the prize money.


No pets are allowed on the Fair Grounds, except: pets taking part in a Fair event, which must be leashed; and leashed working animals required to assist disabled people.


The Society will not be responsible for any errors, printing or otherwise, in this Prize Book.


Markham & East York Agricultural Society (“Markham Fair”) is committed to maintaining the accuracy, security and privacy of personal information. Please visit our website for complete Privacy Policy details.

Lead By Example

As Exhibitors and Volunteers, we are all in a position to set a good example for all visitors to our Fair Grounds.

Please pass along this message when needed.