Chairpersons: Alexandra (Ali) Osborne

Before entering this section, please refer to the General Rules & Regulations and Additional Rules for Homecraft as well as the following:

* Entry Forms Accepted From Monday, May 28th, 2018 to
Thursday, September 13th, 2018
* No Entries will be accepted after 8:00p.m.
September 13th, 2018 *Will be strictly enforced.*

Additional Rules

  1. This Section is open to anyone with a special need, Mental or Physical.
  2. There is no age limit for this Section.
  3. All exhibits must be made since last year’s Fair and must be the work of the exhibitor, except where otherwise stated (hand over hand method).
  4. All entries are to be made through the fair office. (Markham Fair, 10801 McCowan Rd., Markham, ON L3P 3J3.)Fax: 905-640-8458. Entry forms are available through the Fair office or online at

****All participants in the “Special Needs” Section do NOT pay an exhibitor fee or entry fee. However if you would like to pay the fees you will receive two adult passes to the fair. People with disabilities receive free entry to the fair at all times with one support person/friend/or family member.

  1. One entry form per exhibitor except in Group Projects. Group projects require one separate entry form under a group name An exhibitor may enter only one exhibit per Class.
  2. Note the following times for the delivery of exhibits: All Entries are to be brought to the General Exhibits Building on the Markham Fair Grounds on Friday, September 21st, 2018, between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. or
    Saturday, September 22nd, 2018, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. sharp. Please note: we will be unable to accept late entries.
  3. Pick-Up Of Exhibits: Exhibits should be picked up at the Fair Grounds on Sunday, September 30th, 2018, between 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Exhibits cannot be held after this time.
  4. Make enquiries through Chairpersons above.
  5. Please securely attach entry tag to the back, bottom right-hand corner of your exhibit. Attach top 1 1/4” of tag behind entry.



  1. The 2018 theme is: Old Days, New Ways. The
    colour is: Orange, Incorporate where possible.
  2. All entries noted with an * are to be donated to a food bank or appropriate charity. (Items suggested by food bank: any packaged food or hygiene (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, etc.) product and giftcards.)

Prize Money Classes #1-64:

1st – $4.00; 2nd – $3.50; 3rd – $3.00; 4th – $2.50; 5th & 6th – Ribbons; Other Entrants – Participant Ribbons.

Arts & Crafts (Not Hand Over Hand) – Classes #1-42

  1. Wreath – winter theme. Not to exceed 10” diameter.
  2. Fridge magnet – Theme, see Rule J.
  3. Pencil or pen holder.
  4. Picture frame – may be an embellished purchased frame Not to exceed 6”x6”.
  5. Decorated flower pot. Mini 2” – 4”.
  6. Bracelet made with a pattern of colour, see Rule J.
  7. Jewelry, hand made (no bracelets) – any medium.
  8. Tissue Paper Creation – Not to exceed 6”square.
    Colour, see Rule J.
  9. Egg carton snowman.
  10. Basket, 3 quart max – Decorated.
  11. *Pop Can Tab Collection – not strung, by group, by weight. (to be donated to wheelchair charity).
  12. *Pop Can Tabs on a String, heaviest collection (to be donated to wheelchair charity).
  13. Christmas tree decoration with loop to hang on tree.
  14. Christmas stocking – any medium.
  15. Rock for your garden, decorated and/or painted
  16. Invitation to a dance – handmade.
  17. Invitation to a dance – computer made.
  18. Painting, freehand – water colour/tempera. Not to exceed 11”x14” – unframed. Colour, see Rule J.
  19. Painting, freehand oil or acrylic – unframed. Not to exceed 11” x 14”
  20. Create a musical instrument. Max 12” any side.
  21. Bookmark – decorated.
  22. Leaf pictures or rubbing, medium of your choice. Not to exceed 11”x 14”
  23. Paper bag puppet.
  24. Drawing, free hand. Not to exceed 8.5”x 11”.
  25. Finger painting. Not to exceed 11”x 14”. Colour, see Rule J.
  26. Hat or visor, decorated.
  27. Make a sensory bottle. Max. 2L bottle.
  28. DVD cover or paper jacket (jewel case) – designed.
  29. Face mask. Purchased and decorated.
  30. Face mask. Papier mache.
  31. Woodworking article made by entrant. Not to exceed 12” on any side.
  32. Woodworking article bought, then decorated by entrant. Not to exceed 12” on any side.
  33. Ceramic pottery or clay article, purchased & decorated – Not to exceed 12” on any side.
  34. Ceramic pottery, clay or any modelling medium; article, Handmade – Not to exceed 12” on any side.
  35. Metal Art, made by entrant. Not to exceed 12” on any side.
  36. Spoon person. – Colour, see Rule J.
  37. String Art. Not to exceed 8.5”x 11” Including Hanger
  38. Craft or article of choice. Not to exceed 12” on any side.
  39. Collection (any type) displayed on paper or board. Not to exceed 11”x14”
  40. Decorate a pumpkin. Not to exceed 10” on any side.
  41. Lego Creation on a board. Not to exceed 15”x15”.
  42. Tractor made with candy. Not to exceed 8 ½” by 11”.

Arts & Crafts (Hand Over Hand)
– Classes #43-48

(Work completed with direct hand over hand assistance.)

  1. Collage. Not to exceed 11” x 14” – Canada theme.
  2. Painting. Not to exceed 11” x 14” – unframed. Colour, see Rule J.
  3. Sponge or vegetable print painting. Not to exceed
    11” x 14”.
  4. Gift bag, decorated (small).
  5. Spoon person. – Theme, see Rule J.
  6. Craft or article of choice. Not to exceed 12” on any side.

Creative Writing – Classes #49-51

  1. Written piece about “How Technology Helps Me” – written by hand or on computer by entrant. One page, one sided.
  2. Dictated story- entrant tells story that is scribed by hand or computer by another person. One page, one sided. About “How Technology Helps Me”.
  3. Poem using theme “Old Days, New Ways”. One page, one sided.

Photography – Classes #52-53(must be taken by entrant) Judged on photo, not mounting.

  1. Photograph – mounted. Not to exceed 8.5” x 11”.
  2. Collection of at least 2 photos on one theme
    – attractively displayed. Not to exceed 8.5” x 11”.

Needlework – Classes #54-57

  1. Article of choice – made from fabric.
  2. A crochet, knit or corking article.
  3. Rug hooking article.
  4. Rag or woven item

Community Support Entries
– Classes #58-60
Refer to Rule K.

  1. *Article of choice – made from one packaged product. Not to exceed 24” on any side. By individual.
  2. *Article of choice made from two or more packaged products. Not to exceed 24” on any side. By individual.
  3. *Gift basket – See through wrapping. By individual.

Group Projects – Classes # 61-64

  1. Decorative mural – using theme “Old Days, New Ways”.
    Not to exceed 2’ x 4’.
  2. Felt or fabric wall hanging – using theme “Old Days, New Ways”. Not to exceed 2’ x 4’.
  3. *Article of choice made from two or more packaged products. Not to exceed 24” on any side. By Group.
  4. *Gift basket – See through wrapping. By Group.

Special Merit Awards:

Chouinard Bros. Roofing – $25.00

Cornell Roofing – $25.00

Tunnard Family – $25.00 (In Memory of Charles & Randy)

Vollett Family – $25.00

Osborne Family (2) – $25.00 each

Markham Sunrise Rotary – $25.00

Seeley-Warr Family – $25.00

Laura and Andrew Fidler – $25.00

Committee’s Choice Awards (3) – $25.00 each