Markham Fair is a recognized Equine Canada Member Horse Show governed by The National Rules of Canada.

Note: Before entering any Class in the Light Horse Show please refer to the General Rules and Regulations as well as the following:

  1. Every entry at a recognized Show shall constitute an agreement with the person making it lessee, trainer, manager, agent coach, driver, rider, and the horse shall be subject to the constitution and the rules of the federation, the local rules of the show and that every horse, rider and/or driver is eligible as entered and that the owner and any of his representatives are bound by the constitution and rules to Equine Canada and The Show, accept as final the decision of The Hearing Committee on any question arising under said rules and agree to hold the show, Equine Canada, their officials, directors and employees harmless for any action taken.
  2. Closing date of entries is September 19th, 2019 unless otherwise stated under Class heading. All fees must be received with entry form .
  3. The Entry Fee in Line Classes is $5.00 per Horse or Pony per Class entered, in Performance Classes is $5.00 per Horse or Pony per Class entered, in Stake Classes is $10.00 per Horse or Pony per Class entered, Unless Stated Otherwise Under Class Heading.
  4. No entry fee will be refunded without submission of a proper certified Veterinary Certificate, which must be received by The Show Manager for approval within 48 hours of completion of the show.
  5. No entry fee will be refunded after entries are made and the Show is in progress.
  6. Ribbons and/or Prize Money as designated will be awarded in each Class.
  7. In the event of the Show not having sufficient funds or entries to pay prize money in full, the Show Manager reserves the right to deduct the necessary percentage.
  8. The Show Committee reserves the right to combine or cancel Classes which do not fill.
  9. The Judge has the power to rule out any entry which he considers does not belong to the Class in which it is entered.
  10. All other Markham Fair General Rules and Regulations also apply and will be enforced by the Horse Show Committee.
  11. No exhibitor shall be allowed to be present while the judges are discharging duties. Any person who shall attempt to interfere with the judges, directors or officers of the Society, or who shall on the premises use any contemptuous or abusive language to any judge, director or officers shall forfeit his right to any premiums to which he may be entitled, and shall be excluded from exhibiting for one year thereafter; judges or officers are particularly requested to immediately report any breach of this rule. All disqualifications in this and the next following rules may be published with their awards.
  12. Upon the discovery of any fraud, deception or dishonest practice, either in the preparation of ownership, or any fraudulent representation concerning any entry exhibited, the directors shall have the power to withhold the payment of any or all premiums awarded to the exhibitor proven to be guilty of such offence.
  13. The Show is operated under the direction of Equine Canada and the rules of Equine Canada apply where it states Equine Canada approved. All other Classes will be governed by the Breed Association rules and/or the rules of the Markham Fair.
  14. Classes will be called promptly. First call when second Class ahead enters the ring. Second call when preceding Class enters the ring. Third call while ribbons are being awarded in preceding Class. Two minutes will be allowed after the first horse in the Class enters the ring.
  15. In the event that due to an illness or failure of an official to attend this Show or perform his duties, the Show Committee reserves the right to substitute an official for the one who is officially designated in the prize list, according to Equine Canada Rules.
  16. Exhibitors are warned that any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the officials on the part of the owner, groom, rider – driver, or handler, will disqualify the horse from adjudication. The management reserves to itself the right to remove the horses, owner or groom, rider and/or handler from the Show without being liable for compensation or damages.
  17. All horses doctored in any way, artificially, improperly or unfairly prepared or tampered with before coming into the Show arena will be disqualified. If it is ascertained that any exhibitor has made or caused to be made a false statement in regard to any animal or article exhibited or shall attempt to interfere with the judge in the performance of his/her duties, he/she shall be excluded from competing or exhibiting.
  18. All horses must be serviceably sound. In the case of suspected unsoundness the judges may, if they desire, have the animal examined by the Veterinarian provided by the committee; the Veterinarian’s decision shall be final. No exhibitor may use another Veterinarian’s statement to contradict the Judge’s decision.
  19. The feet of all horses entered in the Show may be inspected by the steward and/or official Veterinarian at any time. Toe measurement and shoe weight will be made in accordance with Equine Canada Rules.
  20. No person shall be permitted to enter the arena except participants in the Class, judges and their assistants and the Show photographer. Attendants will not be permitted in the arena until summoned by the judge.
  21. All events will start on schedule. Please have your horse “on deck” one Class ahead of the one in which you are showing. Any clothing or tack changes will have a five minute time limit. Ringmaster and announcer must be notified at least one Class ahead.
  22. Only vehicles and persons taking part in the Light Horse Show will be permitted entrance through the horse gate. If the Gate Attendant feels that this is abused he shall charge the admission fee.
  23. All exhibitors must pay an exhibitors fee of $5.00.
  24. Whips And Use Of Whips: The Show management has set this rule for this horse show. No whip may be used on the Markham Fairgrounds longer than 6’ in length including the cracker portion. In the show ring, handlers in Line Classes will be permitted to carry a whip 42” in length including the cracker portion. In Classes which allow tailer or second handler, a whip may be carried 6’ in length including the cracker portion. Any misuse of these whips in any manner, to either an animal, exhibitor, spectator, gate attendant, judge or any other persons, will result in being excused from a Class or disqualification from the Show. The Judge, Show steward or Show manager will give a warning first; if a second warning is required then disqualification will be handed out and all prize money withheld from the guilty party. There shall be no exceptions to this rule. Driving Classes will be permitted to use a driving whip or buggy whip only in their Classes. A judge may excuse an exhibitor at any time from a Class or Show if he/she feels this rule is abused in any manner, either in the Show ring or out of the Show ring.
  25. Limited Light Horse Show stabling (box stalls) is available on first come first serve basis only. Please telephone the Light Horse Show Chairman in advance to make inquiries.