The Lend a Hand Campaign Curriculum Justification

The “Lend a Hand” campaign has been built upon the Ontario School Curriculum with specific links to each of grades 1 to 8. There are several “dimensions” of the program that will “reinforce” the curriculum:

Program Dimensions

  1. The in-school assembly will provide educational content
  2. The activities that students will undertake as they participate in the community will provide an opportunity for “hands-on” learning
  3. The resource material and suggested teacher-led activities will be an opportunity for further learning and reinforcement of the curriculum
  4. The program supports the Character Education Initiative of the YRDSB and specifically supports the traits of integrity and optimism.

Curriculum Expectations and Lend a Hand Campaign Reinforcement

Grade Curriculum Expectations Lend a Hand Campaign Reinforcement
Heritage and Identity People and Environments
1 Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities The Local Community Good works to support the needs of community members
2 Changing Family and Community Traditions Global Communities Recognizing and supporting the needs of new community members
3 Communities in Canada, 1780-1850 Living and Working in Ontario Historical review of early settlers in Markham and Stouffville
4 Early Societies Political and Physical Regions of Canada Understanding the Civic Governments of Markham and Stouffville
5 First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship Historical review of early settlers in Markham and Stouffville
6 Communities in Canada, Past and Present Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community Discussion of the new communities that have settled in Markham and Stouffville
History Geography
7 New France and British North America Physical Patterns in a Changing World; Natural Resources around the world: Use and Sustainability Historical review of early settlers in Markham and Stouffville
8 Creating Canada; A changing society Global Settlement; patterns and sustainability Recognizing and supporting the needs of new community members


Classroom Lesson Activities

As the curriculum goals of Heritage and Identity, People and Environments, History and Geography are reinforced in the classroom, lessons in a variety of instructional areas could be prepared to reinforce learning. The following table provides examples of sample lessons that would be suitable for use to reinforce the “Lend a Hand” program:

Drama Writing Language
Role play activities to volunteer and the importance/outcome of volunteering Write a persuasive letter convincing someone to volunteer in the community, and why Encourage students to make a list of things in which they excel; Think, pair, share… What would the world be like if everyone was good at the same things? What are the pros to everyone having their own areas of strength(s)? How does this balance help the classroom environment, the school, the community, and the world?
Develop a skit or short play and present it to an audience of other students or for the community Compose a poem or series of poems that reflecting the themes of volunteerism or community Ask students to reflect on a time when someone else helped them in a time of need. …Retell the story and explain the details. How did this make them feel?
Social Studies Media Literacy Visual Arts
Take a community walk and ask students to comment on the organizations in the community. Ask students to further comment on how they might become involved in or assist these organizations. Students could create posters that might theoretically hang throughout the community promoting the benefits of the “Lend a Hand” campaign. Create a “help-o-meter” display chart that captures the helping activities undertaken by students.
Ask students to write a blog post or newspaper article about the good works their class has initiated. Create a “Lend a Hand” graffiti wall.


Volunteer Activity Ideas

At the core of the “Lend a Hand” initiative is the community-building activity of individual students, groups of students, and/or classrooms of students. The following list contains sample activities that could be undertaken, but is meant also to be a list that encourages thinking of other or different and new activities.

Individual Activities

  • Volunteer time to help a younger buddy read (reading buddies)
  • School yard / park clean up
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Organize a food drive
  • Walk a dog
  • Rake for a neighbour
  • Donate old toys to someone who can use them
  • Volunteer to help a teacher
  • Volunteer to help the librarian
  • Knit a scarf to donate

Group or Class Activities

  • Primary class sends spring artwork to a local nursing home
  • Group of junior students write a poem about “community” and distribute it at the local library (with permission)
  • A junior class could write letters of appreciation to veterans, and send them to the Legion
  • A group of intermediate students could clean up their neighbourhood by removing old signs from poles
  • A primary class could collect pop can tabs for charity
  • A group of intermediates could prepare a welcome basket for a new family in the neighbourhood

Suggested Resource Material


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  2. Stone Soup, Marcia Brown, 1999, Novel Units. ISBN 1561372013, 9781561372010
  3. Lend a Hand: Poems About Giving, John Frank, 2014, Lee and Low Books. ISBN 1600609708, 9781600609701
  4. Lend a Helping Hand, Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain, 1999, Turtleback Books. ISBN 0613990994, 9780613990998


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  3. https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/additional-classroom-materials

Letters of endorsement from the Mayors of Markham and Stouffville and the Regional Chairman for the Lend-a-Hand Program

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