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Fundraising Opportunity for School Councils

Markham Fair is a non-profit, community organization that has been promoting and celebrating the importance of agriculture and rural traditions within our community since 1844. The Fair is among Canada’s largest and oldest, and it is run primarily by a volunteer base of more than 850 local residents!


Fundraising Opportunity For School Councils

You may know that our fair, a highly education experience, also has many forms of entertainment on the grounds. In the evenings and on weekends, there is a large midway that operates with many rides suitable for all ages. Ride-all-day passes have been available for many years through local retailers, and we would like to extend a fundraising opportunity to your school council. Passes typically sell for $33 each. If you would like to encourage your school community to buy a pass, we will issue you a unique online “code”, and for each pass sold under your code, we will offer you a $5 commission. You would not need to handle any sales yourself, but rather you would direct people to our website and the transaction would take place there. This program does not require the handling of any cash, the storage of any inventory, or the management of any transactions. All you need to do is to apply for a promo code, and then spread the word within your school community.

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