In-School Assembly Outline

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Lend a Hand School Assembly

Lend a Hand School Assembly

The Lend a Hand Campaign in-School Assembly


To encourage all elementary school students of Markham and Stouffville to participate in the “Lend a Hand” initiative.


Grade 1 through Grade 8, Teachers, Staff and Parent Volunteers


  • 30-minute, in-school assembly (in gym or large gathering space)
  • As many students assembled as space permits (multiple assemblies per school is possible)
  • All necessary AV equipment (projector and microphone) will be provided by Markham Fair

Learning Outcomes

  1. Awareness of the development of the local communities of Markham and Stouffville
  2. Awareness of the challenges faced by pioneers and immigrant communities
  3. Awareness of current challenges facing New Canadians in our communities
  4. Awareness of the term “community”
  5. Awareness of what it means to “volunteer” and to “make a difference”


Post-secondary students, 2 or 3 per assembly, from a team of 5


  1. A description of the challenges faced by the pioneer settlers of Markham and Stouffville
  • Who were they?
  • Why did they settle here?
  • What were their major struggles?
  1. A description of the challenges faced by the communities of Markham and Stouffville today
  • Who lives here now?
  • What groups have made this area their home?
  • What challenges do citizens face today?
  1. A discussion of what makes our communities “special”
  • Diversity
  • What could be done to make our communities “better”?
  1. A description of the “Lend a Hand” Campaign
  • Why is this program important?
  • How can students make a difference?
  • How will the program work?
    • Individual or class initiatives
    • Hand print display at the fair
    • Social Media and website support
    • Resource material for teachers
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Lend-a-Hand School Programs

Together we are lending a hand to our communities!
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