Ashley DeAngelis - 2015 Markham Fair Ambassador

Ashley DeAngelis – 2015 Markham Fair Ambassador

For as long as I can remember the Markham Fair has always been a family tradition. Beginning in fall of 1996 I attended my first Markham Fair with my parents who went to support my uncle in his dairy cow show. In the years since I can recall colouring pictures of Faircrow with my cousins and brothers, attending the fair on school trips, selling produce as my first real job with a local family farm, twirling my baton in the parade down main street and continuously entering my own creations along the way. Never did I imagine entering myself and being crowned the 2015 Markham Fair Ambassador. I am so lucky to receive such an honorable tittle.

As the 2015 ambassador I would like to give a big thank you to the Markham Fair Board, the endless volunteers and our 2015 Fair President Bryant Hulshof for all their hard work, time and endless dedication. Last but not least my partners in crime, Caitlin Wagg and Katie Sweeney, I can’t imagine spending the weekend with any other group of girls you both truly made it a weekend to remember!

This fall I will be joining my first fair committee, in hopes that I can continue to gain more knowledge and insight as I continue my journey with the Markham Fair.

Thank you to everyone for your abundance of support, it has truly been a honor and a privilege representing the Markham Fair year round and at the CNE. I hope to see you all the weekend before Thanksgiving and in all the years to come.

Ashley De Angelis

2015 Markham Fair Ambassador.