It was through 4-H where I discovered that I had an interest in being a spokesperson or representative for the agriculture in my community. Being an ambassador gives you a new perspective of the fair. I never knew how big the Markham Fair actual is until I joined the ambassador team. I learned so much about my local farms and the agriculture surrounding my community.

This ambassador experience has been incredible. I have had such an adventure.

I want to especially thank the 2016 Markham Fair President Todd Little for his guidance and support to help me pursue my new adventure. I also want to thank my fellow ambassador Victoria Krol-Tota, I know how big and busy the Fair can be and it was definitely more fun having you there with me.
The Markham Fair family has always been a huge part of my life and I look forward to seeing everyone next year- the weekend before thanksgiving.

Teghan Warr
2016 Markham Fair Ambassador.

As a little girl making wooden spoon scarecrows and quilting placemats to enter into the fair or showing rabbits and calves in the Markham Fair livestock shows, I never thought I’d be the first ever Junior Markham Fair Ambassador. As ambassador, I had the privilege of watching the Ram Rodeo from the announcers tower and awarding ribbons to the six horse hitch. As Junior Ambassador I’d like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers that make the fair possible. Thank you as well to our 2016 Markham Fair Ambassador Teghan Warr, who made the weekend so much fun! I would like to encourage young people to participate in the Junior Fair Ambassador program, I guarantee it will make it your best Markham Fair ever!

Megan McKeown
2016 Markham Fair Jr. Ambassador.