Thanks for your feedback!

At Markham Fair we love to receive your letters, posts, emails and phone calls.  Most of the comments we receive are words of congratulations and encouragement, but occasionally we hear constructive criticism as well.  One such letter left us feeling a little defensive and thought we might offer a few comments by way of explanation... [...]

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Thank You from the Board

The Markham Fair Board of Directors, on behalf of the staff and hundreds of volunteers, would like to thank our many stakeholders for another successful year at Markham Fair. We are especially grateful to our fair patrons for attending, our exhibitors for displaying their animals and handicrafts, our sponsors for supporting the fair [...]

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Meet & Greet with Jordan Clark

Friday, 6:30pm Entertainment Tent Meet & Greet with Jordan Clark Season 4 Winner from So You Think You Can Dance Canada.  Jordan Clark, 19, of Tottenham, ON is a contemporary dancer, and was believed to be a front-runner in the ten week competition.  She was announced the winner September 11th, after over 1.6 [...]

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Live From Markham Fair

CityTV’s Breakfast Television broadcasts live from Markham Fair on Thursday September 29, 2011. The lovely Jennifer Valentyne and her crew will be visiting the Markham Fair grounds on Thursday just before the opening of the 167th edition of the Markham Fair. Markham Fair is an annual tradition of a celebration of agriculture, competitions, midway rides, [...]

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The Last Race

Friends of the Markham Fair will remember fondly the thrill and excitement of the annual harness races, a tradition that dates back decades. Large crowds would eagerly anticipate each race, scrutinize every stride, and applaud enthusiastically as the winners were declared.  But in an era of organized lotteries, provincially-sanctioned casinos, and the countless [...]

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What Can We Say? It’s Fun Here!

By Luanne Donahoe Think back to the days when you were a kid going to the Markham Fair - what do you think of? It is different for everyone of course! I still recall the days when the Fair was located at Highway 7 & 48 at the old arena (today?s Markham Arena). [...]

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Now, on the count of three, Markham Fair

By Janice Lee Markham Fair is considered the largest four day fall fair in Canada, but when it comes to seeing and doing things at the Markham Fair, you will often find they come in threes. To begin with, deciding on a night to go to the Fair, well there are fireworks on [...]

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

By T. Rogers Gardham (Past President 1977) “It?s just a little street, where old friends meet” is the opening line of a golden oldie, but it could just as easily describe a walk around Markham Fairgrounds. When the directors of The Markham and East York Agricultural Society, the private corporate body which owns and operates [...]

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Markham Fair Prize Books – It’s that simple to Enter!

Look for a Section from the Prize Books. Pick the Section and best class that matches your entry. Fill out the appropriate Entry Form. Be sure to read the General Rules and Regulations. Bring the form into the Markham Fair Office on or before September 13, 2018, 8PM, with the appropriate entry

Rental Facilities

Markham Fair Grounds, located in York Region, can accommodate a variety of functions and gatherings. We are the host location for large trade and consumer shows as well as corporate celebrations, concerts, banquets and other special events.