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Homecraft, Vegetables and Small Livestock Contest Closing Soon

Miniature scarecrow competition at Markham Fair The competition for display items in the Homecraft, General Exhibits and Poultry buildings will be coming to a close soon.  Entry forms for most competitions must be in the Markham Fair office by 8PM on Thursday, September 17, 2015. If you need any help filling out your [...]

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Attention March Breakers all 2015 Homecraft Sections have been posted!

Homecraft Exhibit Get a head start on your competition during March Break, Homecraft Sections 1-12 in PDF files have been added to our website for the 2015 year! Close your books and open your mind to creativity by perusing through the possible classes to enter. Sections include Antiques, Art, Christmas, Crafts, Baking and [...]

Thank You from the 2013 Markham Fair

SkyHawks land at Markham Fair The Markham Fair Board of Directors, on behalf of the staff and hundreds of volunteers, would like to thank everyone involved, for another successful year at Markham Fair. We are especially grateful to our fair visitors for attending, our exhibitors for displaying their animals and handicrafts, our sponsors [...]

Homecraft and General Exhibits Delivery Today

Most entries brought to Markham Fair on Tuesday before the fair.   Today is the day Most Exhibits are brought to the Homecraft Building #2 and General Exhibits Building #1 between noon and 9PM.  The fairgrounds will be filled with activity as we prepare for the opening on Thursday October 3, 2013. Over [...]

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Connect With Markham Fair

By: The Markham Fair Social Media Team Markham Fair on Social Media Well, it’s true; Markham Fair has gone to the hashtags! And we want you to come along with us!  This year, our social media team wants you to get involved, so whenever you think of the Markham Fair, please use #markhamfair! [...]

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Enter to Win at Markham Fair – Homecraft Competitions

Christmas craft exhibits in the Markham Fair Homecraft Prize Book It’s fun to compete and exhibit at the Markham Fair! Do you have a quilt, antique, painting or a photo you would like to enter into a local competition? The Homecraft Prize Book is online and ready for you to pick your area [...]

Markham Fair: It’s Tradition.

By T. Rogers Gardham Baking and Preserves competitions at Markham Fair “Fiddler on the Roof”, the highly popular musical being performed to great plaudits this Season at Stratford is all about tradition, coping with change and how precarious life can be. Fall fairs are a tradition around the globe, in Canada and particularly [...]

2013 Markham Fair Theme – Homecoming

Homecoming, embracing our heritage while recognizing the importance of our community. Homecoming can mean many things to many people.  There is no wrong answer.  It could mean the first time your baby comes home, a Veteran returning from a war or a school or class reunion.  All of these traditions let someone returning know that [...]

Markham Fair Prize Books – It’s that simple to Enter!

Look for a Section from the Prize Books. Pick the Section and best class that matches your entry. Fill out the appropriate Entry Form. Be sure to read the General Rules and Regulations. Bring the form into the Markham Fair Office on or before September 17, 2020, 8PM, with the appropriate entry

Rental Facilities

Markham Fair Grounds, located in York Region, can accommodate a variety of functions and gatherings. We are the host location for large trade and consumer shows as well as corporate celebrations, concerts, banquets and other special events.