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2019 President’s Banquet

Congratulations to our Markham Fair Volunteers receiving long service awards at the 2019 President's Banquet. Bob Alexander Lindsay Bantis Dian Cairns Mathew Derynck Kevin Edwards Jim Ferguson Marsha Fortus Kevin Hamilton Cathy Hawey Brad Hulshof Michelle Hulshof Devin Johnson Diane Kennedy Judy Leckie Barbara Morrison Blake Purcell Kim Scott Pam Stierhof Alana Tufford [...]

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Congratulations Long Service Awards Recipients

60 years **Barry Little 50 years **Bryan Armstrong 45 years Barb Hoover 40 years Carol DeGeer **Brian Lee Mary Mann Pat Marshall **Don Miller Steve Mowder Pat Wheeler **Rogers Gardham 35 years Judy Bell Jeff Brown Joanne Cabrelli John Wade Dick Dare Clarence DeGeer Gilda Hurley **Blair Seeley Tracy Pearce Judy Resch Carol Ann Cosburn [...]

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Ontario Volunteer Awards

A message from Helena Jaczek, MPP The Ontario Volunteer Awards recognize volunteers for providing committed and dedicated service to an organization. There are two recognition programs. The first annual recognition program is the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers. The medal is presented to outstanding young volunteers between the ages of 15 and 24 for their [...]

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Crisis Management Plan for Markham Fair

The time to deal with a crisis is not when it happens but long before. You need to plan and implement a Crisis Management Plan that can help you minimize the potential damage from a crisis. It’s not a matter of if a crisis will occur, but when. The purpose of the Crisis Management Plan [...]

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Hot Wheels of Thunder

Murdoch Mysteries was filming on our grounds last fall for an episode that airs on March 13, 2017. Murdoch investigates the death of a roller-skating champion, which leads him into a world of aggressive and ruthlessly competitive young women. Wendy Harris was privileged to have a quick photo with Hélène Joy and Thomas Craig from [...]

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Sr. Ambassador at OAAS

As some of you may know our 2016 Sr. Ambassador, Teghan Warr, has accepted a position working at Walt Disney World in Florida.  This exciting opportunity will take her away for the next 12 months - leaving immediately following the OAAS convention at the Royal York Hotel this weekend. Teghan has been and enthusiastic ambassador [...]

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Prize Books Early for 2017

We're trying an aggressive new timeline for the completion of the 2017 Prize Books.  Typically our books come out at the end of May or beginning of June.  The feedback from some of the Homecraft sections, including School Children say that an early Prize Book encourages participation and therefore contributes to increased entries. We're going [...]

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2016 District 5 Meeting in Sutton

Congratulations to Carol Degeer for taking second place in the machine quilt division. Click here to view more photos of the Ambassador, guest speaker, general meeting and more.   Here are the winners from the OAAS District #5 Annual Meeting on Oct 29/16 in Sutton: Hand Quilt 1st Esther Graham - Orillia Fair - Pattern [...]

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Markham Fair Prize Books – It’s that simple to Enter!

Look for a Section from the Prize Books. Pick the Section and best class that matches your entry. Fill out the appropriate Entry Form. Be sure to read the General Rules and Regulations. Bring the form into the Markham Fair Office on or before September 17, 2020, 8PM, with the appropriate entry

Rental Facilities

Markham Fair Grounds, located in York Region, can accommodate a variety of functions and gatherings. We are the host location for large trade and consumer shows as well as corporate celebrations, concerts, banquets and other special events.