Where does our food originate?

We’ve created another initiative to engage the children of our community, educating them about gardening and the origin of our food.

Pumpkins on display at Markham Fair

Pumpkins on display at Markham Fair

In mid-May, our community gardener is available to visit local schools, and especially kindergarten and grade one classes, to discuss back-yard horticulture, gardening, and the benefits of growing local food.  Our gardener will help children plant seeds, and will provide instructions on the care of the seeds as they sprout into seedlings.  A couple of weeks later, our gardener will return to the schools to retrieve the seedlings, and will then transplant them to gardens throughout the fairgrounds.  Children will be encouraged to come to the fair in early October to see the results of their work!

This program is an attempt to build long-term relationships with the citizens of our community, and to develop new traditions among the children in our local schools.  Markham Fair has been a fixture in our community for 170 years, and this new initiative will ensure that new relationships are developed for years to come.

For more information on our school-based programs, including this gardening initiative, please contact our office at 905-642-3247.