Last week, the Markham Fairgrounds showcased an exciting event hosted by EastGen. The EastGen Challenge is a two-day event for 4-H members between the ages of 14 to 21 and their dairy heifers (cows). The first day is all about education, fun and preparation for the show on day two. The competition includes a showmanship portion testing the skills of the showman to present their heifers to the best of their ability and a conformation portion to select the best looking heifer. The event aimed to endorse good animal husbandry practices and promote the Canadian dairy industry. A wide range of youth around Ontario travel to the fairgrounds to compete, gaining valuable experiences and knowledge. The showmanship required that the competing heifers be groomed to perfection. They are washed and blow-dried. Their hair is clipped and styled, tails fluffed and hooves painted.

EastGen is a company that specializes in dairy, beef and goat genetics; with “unmatched innovation” and “leading-edge technology”. EastGen offers advanced technology to over 8,000 members all over Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador, selling close to 450,000 units of semen annually.
Although the competition is now over, you can see the 4-H members from York Region and surrounding areas competing again this fall at Markham Fair on September 28th.

There are also still many events to look forward to at the Markham Fairgrounds this summer. On July 23rd, the fairgrounds will be hosting the Ontario Arms Fair and Gun Show.

For more information on events held at the Markham Fairgrounds, visit the events calendar.