Markham Fair has been a community tradition since 1844. For generations we have been celebrating and promoting agriculture, and now more importantly than ever before, we are providing important educational opportunities for our urban neighbours to learn about the origin of our food supply and the sustainability of our planet!

We have invited all of our area schools to attend the fair on Thursday, September 29th and/or on Friday, September 30th – and we have extended our “field trip pricing” offer again this year – any person arriving on a school bus (students, teachers, chaperones) are admitted for just $2 each. As always there will be farm animals, interactive agricultural displays, exhibitions, and many, many opportunities to explore and better-understand our rural heritage.

Fundraising Opportunity

Many children also attend the fair with their families either in the evenings of September 29th/30th, or throughout the weekend of October 1st and 2nd. During these times, the famous midway will be open, and ride-all-day passes will be available for purchase. This year we will again offer the opportunity for school councils to “sell” these passes and earn $5 per sale. Passes may be purchased on our website for $33 each (the same price as previous years), and participating school councils will be issued a unique code. For each pass that is purchased using your school code, you will receive a $5 commission. This is a great opportunity for your school council to raise funds without a significant effort, and no handling of money.

For additional details on this fundraising initiative, please contact our office at 905-642-3247.

Thanks for your interest in our 172nd community fair!

Best wishes,

John Peco