Competition and Contests for Ages 4 to 18

Markham Fair hosts a number of talent and craft contest at the annual fall fair.  To give you time to prepare for the various competitions, here’s a quick list of all that is available.  Keep in in mind there is an entry fee for each exhibit, usually about 25 cents and a one-time Exhibitor fee of $5.  Most competition classes offer prizes from 1st to 5th place and the prize winnings are$5 to $1.50.  In addition to the chance of winning some prize money and ribbons, you’ll also receive 2 passes ($30 value) to come to the fair and see your exhibit.

Enter to Win!

Step #1:

Browse the sections in the Prize Book

Step #2:

Pick your categories and fill out the entry form


Bring the form into the Markham Fair Office after June 2 and before September 15, 2016, 8PM, with the appropriate entry fees.

It’s that simple to enter! Good luck!

Any specific questions?– Chairpersons phone numbers are at the beginning of each section.