From Markham Fair Attendee to SuperDogs Sensation

Jaime Belisle was just a young girl when she discovered the President’s Choice SuperDogs, the world-famous show featuring man’s very talented best friend. She was dazzled by all the tricks, leaps, and skills that the SuperDogs demonstrated. Even more so, she looked up to Amy White, Operations Manager, trainer, and owner of six SuperDogs! Amy has also worked with organizations that advocate for animals for years, including the Toronto Humane Society and Earth Rangers. To Jaime, Amy was an amazing role model, which is exactly why she wrote an endearing letter to the SuperDogs.

In that letter, Jaime described how she had begun to train her dog Toffee to do tricks after watching the SuperDogs perform every year. As it turns out, Toffee was a natural learner and picked up all the jumps, twists, and other moves very quickly!

When Amy received the letter, she was so touched by Jaime’s passion for the SuperDogs that she invited Jaime, Toffee, and her whole family to see the SuperDogs show at the Markham Fair for her tenth birthday. This was no ordinary show, however. Toffee and Jaime made a cameo appearance with the SuperDogs that day! Jaime wrote of this magical experience: “I remember walking on stage. My heart was beating out of my chest, the music was drumming in my stomach, and I remember hearing our names come out of the speakers. I ran on stage and instead of watching the show [from the audience]… I was looking out at the crowd applauding for Toffee.”

Five years have gone by since this life-changing event, and Jaime is now a permanent trainer with the SuperDogs. Toffee can perform a whole multitude of tricks, from simple hops to complex dances. “I grew up watching the SuperDogs show every year. Looking back when I was just a little girl with a big dream, it seemed surreal when I got the letter [from Amy] that changed my life,” Jaime said. “Through this all, I’ve learned that you can do ANYTHING. You can become anything. You just need to put forth the effort. Work hard, perform harder.” Thanks for the words of wisdom, Jaime!

The Belisle family has since adopted a new puppy, and Jaime has started high school but remains a top trainer with the SuperDogs. Perhaps their new pup could be another SuperDogs star in the making!

We at the Markham Fair were wholeheartedly touched by Jaime’s account and are glad to have been part of this experience. If you were also moved by this story and would like to see the magic for yourself, you can find out when the SuperDogs will be performing near you at, or catch them at the Markham Fair this year! For tickets, visit

Special thanks to President and C.E.O. Phil Shuchat, Amy, and Jaime (and Toffee, of course) for contributing to this post!