Lend A Hand - Community Volunteerism

Lend A Hand – Community Volunteerism

When you think about “Markham Fair” you might think about the animals, the competitions, the thrills, the food, and the entertainment… But equally appropriate would be thoughts of volunteerism and community building.  Markham Fair has been built by legions of volunteers that currently number more than 850 local citizens.  …and if we look back 170 years, there are tens of thousands of names (all real people!) that have made this annual event the tradition it has become.  In many ways Markham Fair is synonymous with the history of the City of Markham and surrounding area.  It has been the gathering place of countless meetings, celebrations and activities for many generations.

Based upon these themes of “volunteerism” and “community building”, Markham Fair is pleased to announce the launch of the “Lend a Hand” campaign.  As our local communities continue to grow, welcoming residents from around the globe, Markham Fair is challenging all local school children to “lend a hand” to our communities through volunteerism, caring for our neighbours, and ensuring our communities continue to be the best place on the planet for families to reside.  We not only want to foster this sense of community caring, but we’d like to share the stories of compassion as they emerge.

The program will launch this spring, and our teams will visit local schools with our message, challenging all elementary school students to get involved.  Watch our website and stay tuned for details as they are announced.

With your help, let’s “lend a hand” to our communities!

Teachers/Principals – sign up online for the Assembly Package