Markham Fair’s Lend-a-Hand Team is out visiting schools in York Region.

In this first week we visited with 5 schools.  Isabella, Christie and Cianna have been delivering an amazing program to the delight of students and teachers alike.

The biggest success this week was interacting with the students and hearing them come up with ideas on how they were willing to lend a hand and volunteer in their communities! It was really surprising to see how the student reacted and how much they were already involved in their communities. It goes to show that presentations such as these are extremely beneficial as it gives students the push to continue the work they are doing in their communities. What we would like to see next week is the other schools, and their involvement in Lend-A -and, and receive back displays from teachers this past week!

The reception to Lend-a-Hand has been very warm and well received.  The Team thanks you for having them as guests in your schools and is looking forward to more visits.

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Isabella, Christie and Cianna are the Lend-A-Hand Team visiting schools

Cianna, Isabella and Christie are the Lend-A-Hand Team visiting schools