On Sunday, July 29, Markham Fair participated in the Unionville Exotic Car Show and the Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market on Markham’s historic Main Street Unionville!

The third annual Unionville Exotic Car Show filled up the street with glamorous foreign vehicles for all to see. The cars presented luxury features like unusual lifting doors, luxurious interior designs, limited edition designs, just to name a few. Pedestrians were dazzled not just by the fancy cars but also by the lively DJ and various vendors. Proceeds from the event went to Hand Over Hand, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a safe and welcoming networking system for people with disabilities.

Our mascot, Faircrow, was welcomed with open arms, with people of all ages wanting to get a picture with him. Children were delighted to receive Markham Fair flags, temporary tattoos, and colouring pages. Faircrow was so happy that he could spread the joy – and also that he could see all the exotic cars!

The Markham Fair also attended the Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market, where Faircrow was a crowd pleaser. Vendors and shoppers rushed to get photos with Faircrow. We even got to meet the live performer, Scott Dion Brown! In addition to the farmer’s market, Stiver Mill was also hosting Dog Day, in which people from across the city brought their adorable dogs to meet and play with other pups.

We had an amazing time at Main Street Unionville this weekend! Special thanks to Main Street Unionville and the Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market for having us!