Markham Fair float for Santa Claus Parade 2012

Markham Fair float for Santa Claus Parade 2012

Thanks to everyone who was able to help with the float for this year’s Santa Claus Parade. The theme in Markham was “Peace on Earth”. Our float concept was a reenactment of the Charlie Brown Christmas TV Special.

Parade day in Markham was amazing!  The snow was flying and the sun was shining, all at the same time.  It was a magical day perfect for kicking off the holiday celebration of Christmas.

Snoopy was a little chilly sitting in front of his doghouse.  Charlie Brown had to get up off the float and keep warm by handing out flags to all the children on the parade route.

Faircrow also made an appearance.  Thanks for all the “high fives”!

See you in Stouffville for next week’s Santa Claus Parade!

Check out the short video from November 24, 2012 in Markham.