Attraction Description

Children's Pedal Tractor Pull at Markham Fair.

Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull at Markham Fair.

Parents: Come out to see your Jr. Tractor Pullers take to the track. There are two weight categories, up to 50 lbs and up to 75 lb for girls and boys. Registration is one half hour before the event. The track is located at the outdoor stage. The Pedal Tractor Pull has all the excitement without the gas burning or flames. Jr. Tractor Pullers have a choice of tractors, Deere, Ford or MF. The sled is to scale and in proportion to the tractors. Weights are adjusted according to age classes. It’s a lot of fun to watch and certainly memorable for this kids who get to try. Space is limited. There are 2 days of pulls, Saturday at 1PM and Sunday at 11AM.