Attraction Description

Motorsports Mania Monster Truck Show

Largest Outdoor Monster Truck Madness at Markham Fair

Thursday September 29, and Sunday October 2, 2016

on the racetrack. See schedule for times.
Markham Fair is thrilled to welcome back the Motorsports Mania Monster Truck Show.  This high-octane show will not only be on Thursday night, but will be also ripping up the race track on Sunday.  There will be freestyle motocross that will have you jumping in your seats when a Superman is performed.   Be sure to get there early to ensure a seat in the stands, and be ready to cheer on Instigator, Overkill Evolution, Muddy Girl, and Higher Education!


 FMX Motorcross

fmx1Extreme Motocross acrobatics at its finest. With one and two ramp jumps catapulting these gravity defying daredevils over 50 feet in the air, the action is almost too much to fathom!

Some of the best professional riders in the world jump, flip, twist, spin, and fly their machines high above the crowd performing stunts that seem too unbelievable to be real.

These riders want attention.and they know how to get it! They do what it takes to make the crowd cheer, scream and roar. To them, it’s all about going for it, doing what can’t be done, being the best freestyle motocross rider anyone has ever seen!

Come and see why this show is one of the fastest growing spectator draws in the world!

Monster Truck Rides

Come and climb aboard one of our Monster Truck Rides and we guarantee this is a ride you won’t soon forget!

Strapped to a seat mounted in the bed of these full sized monster trucks, you’ll be chauffeured around the track experiencing first hand, up close & personal what it’s like to ride in a Monster Truck!

Be on the lookout for a Monster Truck Ride in your town. It’ll be patrolling the streets looking for passengers who want to experience a ride they’ll never forget!