Lend a Hand Youth Inspired

Lend a Hand – Youth Inspired

We welcome your reservation here for a “Lend a Hand” school assembly or in-class workshop, to be held at your school. We have availability throughout May and June of 2016, based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Each school assembly will be high-energy with music and presentation equipment. We will bring everything necessary and will need about 30 minutes of setup time before the assembly begins. You may choose either a morning or afternoon session, and you may choose the starting time. Just let us know and we’ll take care of all of the logistics. Assemblies may be held for large groups so please fill up your auditorium/gym with as many students as possible.

In-class workshops will be age-appropriate (Grade 1 and Grade 2), and will engage students on their level, encouraging them to make a difference in our community, offering to “lend-a-hand” to those in need.

Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness of the development of the local communities of Markham and Stouffville
  • Awareness of the challenges faced by pioneers and immigrant communities
  • Awareness of current challenges facing New Canadians in our communities
  • Awareness of the term “community”
  • Awareness of what it means to “volunteer” and to “make a difference”

Please complete all of the fields in the registration form. We will be in touch via email to confirm all of the details. Thanks! Together we are “lending a hand” to our communities!

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