At Markham Fair we love to receive your letters, posts, emails and phone calls.  Most of the comments we receive are words of congratulations and encouragement, but occasionally we hear constructive criticism as well.  One such letter left us feeling a little defensive and thought we might offer a few comments by way of explanation…

Woody's Burgers

Woody's Burgers

At this year’s Fair we entered into a business partnership with Woody’s Burgers, a professional catering and hospitality company, and we jointly managed our beer and wine tents.  This lead to great food and good service overall, and it allowed our volunteers to take on other fair assignments.  The Kinsmen who traditionally provided support in the beer tent were offered other roles at the Fair and they were quite supportive of the new approach.

The vendors in the outdoor concessions area did their best to brave the elements this year.  Although we understand that every fair goer will not necessarily have personal interest in every vendor’s booth, we do believe that we ensured a wide array of vendors were on hand.  If you personally know a vendor that you feel would be an excellent addition to our Fair, please encourage him/her to contact us – we’d love to speak about exhibition space at our 2012 Fair!

We at Markham Fair are very proud of agricultural history and will continue to celebrate agriculture for decades to come!  We are especially proud of the introduction of the Agri-food Tent at this year’s fair, showcasing modern farming practices, emphasizing locally grown food, and generally helping the public to appreciate sustainability in agriculture from a 2011 perspective. 

We hope you enjoyed our 2011 Fair and we eagerly await your participation in 2012!