A new Board of Directors and Executive was elected by the members last night at Markham Fair’s annual general meeting.  The complete list of board members is on our website here. Michelle Hulshof, Markham Fair’s 2019 President thanked all the members for attending the meeting.  Special thanks was given to members of the board who’s terms have ended; Cam Allan, Tina Smith and Doug van Wolde for their years of service.  Michelle also welcomed new Senior Directors Liz English, Scott Redshaw and Kaitlin Francis who all moved up from Junior Director positions.  Judi Francis was also elected to the board after having served two terms as Homecraft President.  Blake Purcell joins the board as a new Senior member with a one year term.  Laura Empringham, Rachel Moore and Shelby Reesor were also welcomed as new Junior Directors with a one year term. At the Board Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting, the new Board elected Amanda King as President for the 176th Markham Fair in 2020.