Since 2014, the Markham Fairgrounds has hosted a summer camp run by the YMCA. The YMCA Camp allows parents to send their children to an active and engaging program that instills positive and productive values in their child. The camp is located on the Markham Fairgrounds, allowing children to fully utilize the 104 acres of green land and indoor space to participate in a plethora of activities planned by the YMCA. Along with the numerous activities that occur on the Fairgrounds, the YMCA Day camp also goes on biweekly excursions to Bruce’s Mill where campers are able to swim in a recreational pool.

There are many different programs within the YMCA Day Camp, such as Eco Camp, Environmental Science, Natural Arts, Nature Explorers, Plant it, Pick it Taste it!, and Visual Arts. Through these programs, the campers develop a sense of respect and dexterity with the environment. For example, in the Natural Arts section, kids create art pieces using things from the earth such as sticks and leaves, but they also learn to appreciate the world by only using items that have naturally fallen rather than plucking them off of trees. Meanwhile, the Visual Arts section allows kids to make more stylistic pieces and express themselves and their creativity.

The Fairgrounds is proud to host the YMCA Camp because it instills an appreciation of the world in its campers and teaches them about being environmentally friendly. As a Fair with deep roots in local agriculture, we believe that these characteristics should not be lost among the new generation.
If you would like to know more about the YMCA Camp at the Markham Fairgrounds, perhaps keeping registration in mind for next summer, check out the YMCA website at