Mick Erskine
Mick ErskineProperty Manager
Mick is the liaison with renters during move-in and move-outs. He is the main contact for renters during events.

Mick’s duties include dealing with tenants, building repair, ground improvement, cleaning, garden maintenance, general fabrications and snow removal, to be coordinated with the Directors’ wishes. Mick oversees the cleaning and maintenance staff and performs emergency on call duties. Mick is in charge of the overall maintenance of the Markham Fair’s 100 acre facility.

Barb Morrison
Barb MorrisonBookkeeper
Barb handles all of our day-to day bookkeeping responsibilities including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll and further assists the Finance Chair with reporting and analysis. Barb frequently responds to the needs of Committee Chairs regarding approvals for expenditures and invoices, and she also responds to request for information. Barb works part-time throughout the year and full-time just prior and just after the Fair.

In addition to her paid job at the Fair, Barb also Chairs the Special Needs Committee and works closely with the Office Support Committee.

She has a Science, Architectural and Engineering background working in Precast Concrete, Injection Molding Plastics and Education.

Todd Silverman
Todd SilvermanGeneral Manager
Todd has been a resident of York Region for over 30 years and has been an active participant in various organizations. He has spent the majority of his working life in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. The last twenty years he has been the General Manager of an Agency working in film, television and live theatre. He also served as the Theatre Manager of the Vaughan City Playhouse. Todd brings many years of event planning and execution experience to the Fairgrounds.
Valerie Sevel
Valerie SevelAdministrative Assistant
Val is our Administrative Assistant and is on the “front lines” of the Markham Fair office. Greeting visitors, answering phones, scheduling rentals, and dealing with correspondence, she is the person all members and guests first meet as they walk through the door of the Fair office. We are pleased to welcome her to our team during the months of June – November.
Mike Hughes
Mike HughesAssistant Property Manager
Mike has been with us since November, when he came on board to help us through a very busy month. Many of you may know Mike as one of our employees during the Fair, he has been an integral member who kept our property looking good, being on the waste water and garbage collection team. Mike permanently joined in January.