Markham Fair 2023: September 28, 29, 30 & October 1, 2023

Directors and Officers

Markham and East York Agricultural Society

2023 Directors and Officers 
Past PresidentBrad Hulshof
President For 2023Chris Reesor
1st Vice PresidentScott Redshaw
2nd Vice PresidentDylan Armstrong
Finance ChairLeanne Tummon
General Manager/Secretary to the BoardBruce MacKenzie (non board member)
3 Year TermLeanne Tummon
3 Year TermAnikka Bolender
3 Year TermLaura Empringham
3 Year TermBrandon Harrington
3 Year TermRachel Moore
3 Year TermWendy Harris
2 Year TermGord Appleton
2 Year TermDevin King
2 Year TermKristen Miller
2 Year TermAlana Tufford
2 Year TermPhil Redshaw
2 Year TermBlake Purcell
1 Year TermLiz English
1 Year TermChris Reesor
1 Year TermAndrew Dunlop
1 Year TermDylan Armstrong
1 Year TermScott Redshaw
1 Year TermKaitlyn Francis
Junior DirectorZoe Ducheck
Junior DirectorEmily Paisley
Junior DirectorLaura Seeley
Junior DirectorBrian Seeley
Junior DirectorShelby Reesor
Junior DirectorShae-Lynn Seeley Reesor
2023 Homecraft Officers 
Past PresidentHope Shier
PresidentDeanna Cheriton
1st Vice-PresidentBen Shaw
2nd Vice-PresidentAlison Lyon
SecretaryEmily Boag
2022 Ambassador Team 
Lead AmbassadorTaylor Gordon
Runner up
Runner up


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