Markham Fair 2022: September 29 - October 2, 2022

Job & Volunteer Positions

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

The Markham Fair employs many people to produce events throughout the year as well as during the busiest time which is Markham Fair – ‘Always the Weekend Before Thanksgiving’. Employment and volunteer opportunities are broken down into five major areas:

  • Full Time Paid – Throughout the year
  • Full Time Committee Member – Throughout the year
  • Part Time Paid – During the 4 days of Markham Fair
  • Part Time Volunteer – During the 4 days of Markham Fair
  • Student Volunteer – Community Service Hours During the 4 days of Markham Fair

Full Time Paid

Position: Office and Grounds Staff

The Markham Fair has a small staff of full time employees who manage, market and maintain the facilities on McCowan Road all year round.

From time-to-time we require additional help to manage the needs of large renters on our property – so we are recruiting a new member of our facilities management team.  We are looking for someone that is interested in working when needed (with advance notice), usually in the evenings or on weekends, as required.  The team member would be responsible for:

  • Supervision of the facility
  • Responding to customer requests
  • Cleaning of washrooms, hallways
  • Removal of garbage as needed
  • Responding to electrical or mechanical outages

If you are interested in this position, please contact Markham Fair Office, (905) 642-3247

Full Time Committee Member

Position: Committee Member – Volunteer

General Responsibilities: The Markham Fair also has a large volunteer base of 800+ Committee Members who meet throughout the year to plan and all come together for 4 days to help make the Fair a success.

If you are joining a Markham Fair Committee for the first time, please contact the Chairperson of the committee. The committee Chairperson must approve your volunteer application. 

Part Time Paid

There are also temporary paid positions during the weeks surrounding
Fair time. (Sept/Oct)

Position: General Operations Crew Member

General Responsibilities:
An Operations Crew Member is responsible for the operation of dolly carts and garbage bins. These positions maintain site cleanliness including stage, roadways and on-site garbage removal. This position is responsible for assisting with the set-up and takedown of various on-site events, including nightly affairs.

Applicants must be self-motivated, in good physical condition and have the
ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions. Previous Markham Fair Maintenance
experience is an asset.

Contact: Dylan Armstrong,

Position: Security Attendant

General Responsibilities:
Security Attendant work as part of the security team to ensure the safety of the Markham Fair, its patrons and volunteers. General responsibilities include: interacting with guests to provide direction, clarifying information relating to site operations, crowd control and assisting to diffuse situations.

There is a minimum age limit of 21 of the Security Position at Markham Fair.  Applicants must have a general knowledge of law enforcement and be able to understand and apply generally accepted safety and security techniques. Applicants must possess superior public relations skills, excellent verbal communications skills and be willing to work a shift schedule, including the entire four (4) days of the Markham Fair.

Contact: Markham Fair Office, (905) 642-3247

Position: Parking Attendant

General Responsibilities:
Parking attendants are responsible for pedestrian and vehicle access to Markham Fair. These positions involve locating the vehicle into the parking spaces, the cleanliness of the parking lot and responding to guest inquiries.

Applicants must have previous customer service experience and the ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision. Applicants must be available to work irregular hours during the four (4) days of the Fair. Both full-time and student positions are available in this area.

Contact: James Drake,

Part Time Volunteer

Position: Lost Childrens

General Responsibilities:
Responsible for supervising and ensuring a safe environment for all lost children,
visiting teachers and/or parents. Lost Children part-time volunteers are
responsible for leading in the search of a lost child or missing parents.
This position is responsible for informing and updating the Control Centre,
Security Officers and Volunteers of the situation. This position coordinates
response to all lost children emergency situations on site (similar to 911
operators) as well as dispatches the call to emergency staff on hand, and
maintains logs.

Candidates must have previous training/experience with child supervision in
a camp, day care or school setting, or equivalent education (E.C.E.). Candidates
must be at least 15 years of age. Applicants must possess excellent
organizational and administrative skills with the ability to work efficiently
and effectively in a high-pressure environment under minimal supervision and
be willing to work shift work.

Contact: Candice Lee,

Position: Student Volunteer

What you’ll do: Student Volunteers will assist our adult members and Committee Chairs; setting up displays, distributing handouts to visitors, greeting the public. Volunteers will help escort seniors throughout the fairgrounds and help with general clean up tasks.

Requirements: Friendly and enthusiastic personality, willing to work as a team player. All applicants go through an interview and training process. Must be between 12 and 18 years of age and must have parent/guardian written permission. Additionally, we encourage you to buddy-up with a friend. Individuals coming out to show their community spirit will definitely have fun.

Contact: OR Submit your information HERE


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