2019 Markham Fair Ambassador Contests

Sr. Competition

The 2019 Senior Ambassador Contest will be held on Thursday October 3, 2019, 1:00 pm at the Markham Fair Grounds, in the Jazz Tent.  The Ambassador Team winners will be announced on Stage in the Jazz Tent and at the opening ceremonies.

Senior Ambassador contestants will be required to give a 2-3 minute speech on a topic given to them prior (relating to the fair, community, etc.) and answer a randomly picked question. Contestants are also judged on their ease of communication at a microphone, knowledge of the fair and its activities and their familiarity with the community, poise and public interactions.

The winning members of the Senior Ambassador Team will represent Markham Fair for the 2019 season (October 3, 2019 to October 2, 2020). The Markham Fair Senior Ambassador Team consists of a Leader and two Assistants. Their roles and responsibilities will vary throughout the Fair time and also at several functions during the year.

Jr. Competition

The 2019 Junior Ambassador Contest will be held on Friday October 4, 2019, 5:00 pm at the Markham Fair Grounds, on the Outdoor Stage.  The winning member of the Junior Ambassador Team will represent Markham Fair for the 2019 season (October 3, 2019 to October 2, 2020), at the Fair and at several functions during the year.

Junior Ambassador contestants will be required to submit a digital ‘About Me’ bio which will be submitted prior to the fair and will also be judged on a two minute speech.  Contestants will also be judged on poise and their ability to communicate both on stage, with the judges and while interacting with the public.

Become a Contestant

How would you like an opportunity to serve your community, win great prizes and have lots of fun? As the Markham Fair Ambassador, you will represent the Markham Fair during the Fair and at community events throughout the year. As the lead Sr. Ambassador you will also enjoy a two-night stay at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto Hotel while meeting other Ambassadors across the Province during the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies annual meeting.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Markham Fair Ambassador.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Kelly Davis at Markham Fair – 647-885-8060 to discuss this opportunity in detail.

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    Program Details

    The Ambassador program is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with our community.  The competition is held every year at the Markham Fair Grounds. If you’re from a farming background or not, now is a great time to learn more about how important agriculture is to our community.

    The Markham Ambassador has been a tradition of the Markham Fair for over 40 years. Previously young people between the ages of 18 and 24 represented the Society at many events during the year. Some of these events included Community Santa Claus Parade, local festivals, attendance at  the District meeting, the President’s Banquet in early November. Over the past few years we have expanded our program to include those from the ages of 12 to 15.  We want to encourage more young people to become involved in the Markham Fair as well as provide support for the numerous children’s events that happen at the fair and throughout the year. Moreover the Ambassador program is an excellent opportunity to develop resume and life skills such as public speaking, publicity and networking. The ambassador gets the chance to meet new people from across the province and develop new skills. The Lead Senior Ambassador will also be expected to attend the O.A.A.S.(Ontario Association of Agricultural Society)  convention in February at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North, and enters the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Competition in August.

    The Senior Ambassador is selected on October 3, 2019 on the first day of the Fair and the Junior Ambassador will be selected on October 4, 2019. The Competition is open to both males and females. Contestants are judged on several different aspects which are outlined below.  Many prizes are donated by local business for the Ambassadors. To apply to become the next Markham Fair Ambassador complete the attached entry form and submit it to the Markham Fair office and the committee chairman will be in touch with you.



    The Upper Unionville Inc. offers a $2000 scholarship to the successful Markham Fair Senior Ambassador Team.

    Competition Day for Senior Ambassador Contestants

    On October 3, 2019 (competition Day) contestant will meet in the Boardroom of the Markham Fair Grounds at 9:00 am. You will be greeted by the Committee Chairpersons, Lindsay Bantis and Kelly Davis, and other committee members. You will be assigned to one of our friendly chaperones for the day. During the day you will take part in awarding ribbons, speaking to the public, greeting school children, attending agriculture displays and the opening ceremonies; note that the judges will be at the fairgrounds during the day to view your interactions.

    You will be given a scheduled time to go with your chaperone and meet with the Judging Team. Your interview will take approximately 20 minutes.  You will also be scheduled individual time with two of our committee members to answer the General Knowledge questions, another portion of the judging process.

    Before the competition at 1:00pm you will be given a walk-through of the competition, a chance to test the microphone and a few minutes to relax. After the Lead Ambassador and the Team is announced you will have a few minutes of photos, time with your friends and family before jumping into your role as Markham Fair Ambassador.


    Competition Day for Junior Ambassador Contestants

    On Friday October 4, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. you will be greeted at the Markham Fair Office by the committee Chairpersons, Lindsay Bantis and Kelly Davis, and other committee members and have a chance to meet the Ambassador Committee members and other contestants.  The judges will have had a chance to review the previously submitted “All About Me” bio and then each contestant will be given time to have a personal interview with the Judge Team.  When on stage with the MC the contestants will be given a chance to introduce themselves, and then time to present your prepared speech to showcase the public speaking abilities and comfort level of each contestant.  Following a short deliberation period for the judges, the winner will be announced.  There will be an opportunity to take photos and then the 2019 Jr. Ambassador will begin his/her duties at 9:00 am on Saturday October 5.



    Congratulations to our 2019 Ambassador Team!

    Presenting the cheque is Ken Rovinelli from Upper Unionville Inc., to Markham Fair 2019 Ambassadors Shae-Lynn Seeley-Reesor, Caroline Vartanian and Taylor Gordon.

    Presenting the cheque is Ken Rovinelli from Upper Unionville Inc., to Markham Fair 2019 Ambassadors Shae-Lynn Seeley-Reesor, Caroline Vartanian and Taylor Gordon.

    2019 Sponsors

    Thank you to our Generous Sponsors

    Continuing Education Sponsor – Upper Unionville Inc., Fame, Beckridge Holsteins Inc., Ashgrove Spa, School of Fine Dining, Markham Lion’s, Tipsy Nails, Vince’s Spring , Great Lengths Hair Gallery, Monat Global, Danica’s Scarves, Contagious Energy Designs, Kimberly Clark Century 21 Realty, Duchess of Markham, Expedia Cruise Ship Centre, La Donna Home Staging, Precision Beauty, Evangelos Fine Jewellery , George’s Auto, Centrepiece Flowers, AT Designs, Trevor Temple, Foxy Originals Jewellery, Suzie Chemel, City of Markham , Timber Creek Golf , Starbucks Stouffville, Winners-Homesense-Marshall’s, Peppertree Classics.

    Past Winners

    Check out the Markham Fair Ambassador Contest winners from the past.

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